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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Gove

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Letter by Anna Albers  Gove, Gove County  Track meet at Wheatland School 
Letter by Allison Baalman  Gove, Gove County  Student 
Letter by Derek Becker  Gove, Gove County  School, football, internet and to bed 
Letter by Ben Buckland  Gove, Gove County  Greatly normal people died 9-11. 
Letter by Briana Dechant  Gove, Gove County  Junior-Grinnell High School 
Letter by Chris Dickman  Gove, Gove County  Flagpole Memorial Service 
Letter by Kyle Doxon  Grinnell, Gove County  Go-getters FCE in area. 
Letter by Cory Feldt  Gove, Gove County  JV Cross-country track participation 
Letter by Eunice Gillaspie  Quinter, Gove County  Read scripture, News, Main Street Café 
Letter by Nathan Goetz  Gove, Gove County  Student - World Terror & patriotism 
Letter by Loree Holaday  Grinnell, Gove County  FCE member. Winter wheat planted. Sileage cut. 
Letter by Florence Kolmar  Gove, Gove County  Farming operation, trip to town 
Letter by Dalen Meier  Gove, Gove County  Prayer around flagpole 
Letter by Katrina Ostmeyer  Gove, Gove County  [None] 
Letter by Robert C. Ostmeyer  Gove, Gove County  Chemical warfare, concern terror. 
Letter by Courtney Schoendaler  Grinnell, Gove County  Concern for World, family helps. 
Letter by Kevin Schoendaler  Gove, Gove County  School prayer service in Western KS 
Letter by Brianna Stevens  Grinnell, Gove County  Went to Colby for physical therapy. 
Letter by Tony Struckhoff  Grinnell, Gove County  Prayer around flagpole at school 
Letter by Andrew Teeter  Grinnell, Gove County  Football practice, help harvest till dark 
Letter by Elaine Tustin  Gove, Gove County  Fixed sandwiches for dinner in field 4 miles away 
Letter by Krista Waldman  Grinnell, Gove County  Memorial Services 
Letter by Loretta Waldman  Grinnell, Gove County  Electric fence around mile, pull w/tractor. Made cake. 
Letter by Cody Wolf  Gove, Gove County  Weight-lifting favorite class 
Letter by Scott Wolf  Gove, Gove County  American Flags show patriotism 

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