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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Neosho

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Letter by Claribel Alford  Chanute, Neosho County  Neosho Valley FCE. As widow, remarried. Families blended well. 
Letter by Carrie Alloway    Driver's learner's permit at 15, restricted permit 15. 
Letter by Anonymous  Chanute, Neosho County  Retirement home. Drove the '91 Ford for a cruise around town. 
Letter by Anonymous  Chanute, Neosho County  Housecleaning, off to club meeting & errands. 
Letter by Elizabeth Anonymous  Chanute, Neosho County  Listened to children read at Alcott School. 
Letter by Jonathan Bates  Galesburg, Neosho County  Galesburg Grade School. 
Letter by Lois Bowers  Thayer, Neosho County  Activities of Oct 11, 2001. 
Letter by Lois O'Malley Carlson  Erie, Neosho County  Extension Specialist 1964-2001 
Letter by Cleo Carson  Erie, Neosho County  Goal read through bible 1 yr. 
Letter by Joy Cheyney  Chanute, Neosho County  Busy day in volunteer activities-St.Pat's Bargain Store, etc. 
Letter by Tara Rae Cox    Depressed, no date for Homecoming. 
Letter by Kaylee Cramer  Galesburg, Neosho County  Picture of favorite school activity-reading. 
Letter by Doris Dalton  Chanute, Neosho County  Cleaning, cooking, TV News,NeoshoCoFCE 
Letter by Virginia Dittman  Galesburg, Neosho County  NY Terror. Caring for needs, fellowship of others. 
Letter by Elizabeth Hiebert  Erie, Neosho County  Works on history of Leamona FCE Unit. 
Letter by Casey Howard  Galesburg, Neosho County  Likes to ride bikes, play football. Discusses War. 
Letter by Corey Howard  Galesburg, Neosho County  Picture-"We play 'Find Gold' at recess." 
Letter by Kris Moore  Galesburg, Neosho County  Picture dirt bike, talks about pets, war. 
Letter by Marjorie F. Neely  Urbana, Neosho County  Rural water problems over the years. 
Letter by William G. Neely  Urbana, Neosho County  grandfather dr to Pottawatomie Indians 1865. 
Letter by Cindy Ranabargar  Chanute, Neosho County  Martin Osa Johnson Safari Museum. 
Letter by Amber Riley  Galesburg, Neosho County  NY Terror, Anthrax Scare. 
Letter by Alyssa Stouder  Galesburg, Neosho County  Picture. Story about family. Wants inline skates. 
Letter by Jennifer Thompson  Chanute, Neosho County  Keeps wishing to see Twin Towers again. 
Letter by Anna Walker  Galesburg, Neosho County  Halloween picture, story. 

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