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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Riley

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Letter by Marla E. Bugbee  Manhattan, Riley County  Oct 11, 1992-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-00-01. Barber, Logan & Riley Co 
Letter by Armando Gonzales  Fort Riley, Riley County  Army base, terror 
Letter by Jean B. Griffith  Manhattan, Riley County  Wondering thoughts about community 
Letter by Stacy Huggins  Manhattan, Riley County  9/11 in depth. Div of Continuing Ed-KSU grad student. Information Systems Office 
Letter by Tomas Kitcher  Fort Riley, Riley County  Goes to school. Loves PE. 2 twin brothers, age 16. 
Letter by Earlene Martin  Manhattan, Riley County  Manhattan perfect place to live. 
Letter by Barb Sanner  Manhattan, Riley County  Ashland FCE - Cancelled apptmt with mayor due to colon test at hospital earlier in day. 
Letter by Karen D. Sisk  Manhattan, Riley County  Flint Hills FCE-4 FCEs over the yrs as moved with husband being extension agent. 
Letter by Joan Steenback  Leonardville, Riley County  Life on farm west of Leonardville. Nurse at Clay Center 
Letter by Mary Ann Sullivan  Manhattan, Riley County  Retired pre-school teacher now cares for grand & great-grandchildren, others. 
Letter by Ken Visser  Manhattan, Riley County  On way to Flagstaff; reunion Armed Force's Stars & Stripes newsmen 

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