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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Republic

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Letter by Mary L Anderson  Jamestown, Republic County  Widow. Preparing for winter on the farm. Busy day. 
Letter by Grace Ann Fiala  Cuba, Republic County  FCE President includes activities of the day. 
Letter by Diane Heiman  Chester, NE, Republic County  Reside on KS-NB Border. Excelsior FCE. Grow soybeans, corn. 
Letter by LaVila V Poppe  Chester, NE, Republic County  Husband operates combine, wife runs tractor & grain cart. 
Letter by Tandy S. Rundus  Belleville, Republic County  K-State-Republic Co. Extension Agent 
Letter by Phyllis Sherwood  Belleville, Republic County  Busy day Oct. 10 for 82-yr old farmer's wife. 
Letter by Josephine Strnad  Munden, Republic County  Retired teacher comparison -10/11/01, 1/11/51. 

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