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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Dolores Adair  Salina, Saline County  Town of 50,000 - melting pot of Ethnic culture and flavors. 
Letter by Anonymous  Waldo, Saline County  Caring community of older people. Only 1 family w/children. 
Letter by Patricia A Christy  Salina, Saline County  Sunday, Oct. 9.Church, birthday picnic at Lakewood Park 
Letter by Wandra Clark  Salina, Saline County  School teacher. Pot luck day in Commons Area. Own home. 
Letter by Rosella Cline  Kipp, Saline County  Birthday party for oldest son, Ron, born 10/11/50. 
Letter by Hilma Demaree  Salina, Saline County  Salina has 2 universities, college, 3 high schools. 
Letter by Jean Hamilton  Salina, Saline County  Charter mbr Kansas Quilters Organization. Lived around state. 
Letter by Betty J. Hunter  Salina, Saline County  Weekly shampoo & set at Judy's "Affordable Cuts." 
Letter by Mary L. Johnson  Brookville, Saline County  Farm near Salina. Listened to Memorial service on TV. 
Letter by Berniece Kearns  Salina, Saline County  FCE, retired Salina Library. Volunteer at hospital. AAUW, Native Dtrs of KS. 
Letter by Cynthia LaFramboise  Salina, Saline County  Review of life with Lou Lyda & sister Chris. Lawrence resident 
Letter by Arline Roberts  Salina, Saline County  Going on bank tour soon. Attends Belmont Christian Church, 150 mbrs 
Letter by Jack Allen Roberts  Salina, Saline County  Retirement complex. Farmer Holden MO, wonderful family. 
Letter by Mary F. Staab  Salina, Saline County  FCE. Secretary Bavaria High Alum Assn. Life in Salina. 
Letter by Henry Vinyard  Salina, Saline County  Reopening Fox Theatre, Blues Studio concerts, horse stables. 

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