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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Carolyn Billings  Kensington, Smith County  Farm life in wonderful.Harvesting fall crops of sunflowers, corn & milo. 
Letter by Terry Bohm  Athol, Smith County  [None] 
Letter by Chrys Engelke  Athol, Smith County  [None] 
Letter by Ada & Francis Gaines  Kensington, Smith County  Busy October 11. 
Letter by Norma Garretson  Smith Center, Smith County  Retired farm couple. Fall housecleaning, ways of homemaking. 
Letter by Louise Greenberg  Smith Center, Smith County  Oct 11-Work at Smith Co Pioneer, FCE after-school project. 
Letter by Kathy Holthus  Smith Center, Smith County  TV, household chores, Looking Glass Bty Shop.Husband helping Jeb's fill silo. 
Letter by Donna Kelling  Smith Center, Smith County  Town gets smaller each yr.Home-owned businesses can't compete with Wall Marts of world. 
Letter by Norma Larson  Athol, Smith County  [None] 
Letter by Edith McClain  Smith Center, Smith County  Dietary Mgr hospital. After work, drives truck and Jack drives combine. 
Letter by Beth M. Scott  Smith Center, Smith County  Watched TV prayer service on TV. FCE, Art Council, Garden Club, UCC. Watches grandson play football. 
Letter by Betty Smith  Athol, Smith County  Drives school bus.Fall harvest, crop, household activities. 
Letter by Lois L. Smith  Smith Center, Smith County  Organizations, quilting. Local farmers harvesting sunflowers, milo & hay. 
Letter by Mary Stepp  Smith Center, Smith County  Inherited farm & returned to Smith Co. Farmers have outside jobs. 
Letter by Ruth Sweat  Smith Center, Smith County  Reviews lifetime. 
Letter by Cheryl Synoground  Smith Center, Smith County  Church secretary in Kensington. Dtr in KC. 
Letter by Cindy L. Tuxhorn  Smith Center, Smith County  Tuesdays guest at Smith Co Library Story Hour. 
Letter by J. S. Wagner  Kensington, Smith County  Married 56 yrs, Kensington since 1955. 32 yrs supt of school. 
Letter by Ruth Wolf  Kensington, Smith County  Grandpa homesteaded in late 1800's, timber claim.REA 1951. 

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