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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Sandy Davis  Clearview City, Johnson County  Health Care worker. Presently for Ruth Matzkus 
Letter by GeorgeAnn Taylor  DeSoto, Johnson County  Catholic, 5 children. Occupations of all family. 
Letter by Jean Epperson  DeSoto, Johnson County  Resident 50 yrs. Viewed Vietnam Wall in city park 
Letter by Elfreeda Payton  DeSoto, Johnson County  Willow Springs FCE 
Letter by Jessi Van Roekel  DeSoto, Johnson County  School schedule 
Letter by Katy Durkin  DeSoto, Johnson County  Boring classes, then to play practice or soccer/football game 
Letter by Dorothy Van Daele  DeSoto, Johnson County  Family celebrates 4th of July together yearly. 
Letter by Lydia McGrew  DeSoto, Johnson County  Cleaned house. Listened to music on program on T.V. 
Letter by Anonymous  DeSoto, Johnson County  Retired senior citizen-attended Vietnam Moving Wall Ceremony. 
Letter by Lelani L Taylor  DeSoto, Johnson County  Single, RN in Pediatrics Intensive Care. Attends Spanish classes w/mother. 
Letter by Rachael Smith  DeSoto, Johnson County  School 
Letter by Evelyn Hickman  DeSoto, Johnson County  Willow Springs FCE. Retired from Hercules Pwdr Plant 
Letter by David Brunner  DeSoto, Johnson County  Substitute Supt. & Trustee for church 
Letter by Laura Long  DeSoto, Johnson County  Lives with granddaughter & family 
Letter by Dorothy Nalley  DeSoto, Johnson County  FCE Mbr, Vietnam Wall Exhibit-8,000 visited display in DeSoto. 
Letter by Kelly Kramer  DeSoto, Johnson County  Student DeSoto 
Letter by Loretta Nichols  DeSoto, Johnson County  Full-time Homemaker, DeSoto family info. 
Letter by Lida Wurtenberger  DeSoto, Johnson County  1 mo. Anniversary Terror. Made cinnamon rolls from scratch. 
Letter by Mary Gale Kramer  DeSoto, Johnson County  Mother, Teacher 
Letter by Rose McAninch  DeSoto, Johnson County  Attended special V.F.W. Mtg. Closing ceremony Vietnam Wall Display 
Letter by Sarah Furman  DeSoto, Johnson County  Life beautiful and boring. Has 9 horses. 
Letter by Ila Motzkus  DeSoto, Johnson County  Fell, firemen came and helped her up. 
Letter by Ashley Clark  DeSoto, Johnson County  Student DeSoto High School 
Letter by Ruth Motzkus  DeSoto, Johnson County  Lives with mom. Both disabled. 
Letter by Robin Pahardja  DeSoto, Johnson County  Born in foreign country. Glad to be in U.S. 
Letter by Blake Ingaia  DeSoto, Johnson County  Student relates cost of car ownership 
Letter by Catherene Verschelden  Fairway, Johnson County  History of life. Grew up in Alma, KS 
Letter by Teresa Sullivan  Fairway, Johnson County  Professor-Computer Informations Systems at KCK Jr College 
Letter by Susan Pepperdine  Fairway, Johnson County  Own public relations firm. Met husband uses 3-Step Marketing that she teaches. 
Letter by Katie Verschelden  Fairway, Johnson County  Family very close. She K-State student, McCain Ambassador. 
Letter by Pat Puett  Gardner, Johnson County  Crafty Crew FCE. Life growing up in small town. Moved to Gardner 1954. 
Letter by Laura Gatza  Gardner, Johnson County  9/11. Stay-at-home mom w/14-mo old. Her day on 10/11. 
Letter by Caroline Duncan  Leawood, Johnson County  Sr Blue Valley North H.S. Moved from North Carolina. Clothes, car, soccer, TV. 
Letter by Ashley Sanders  Leawood, Johnson County  Brownie troop to have skating party. 
Letter by Claire Williams  Leawood, Johnson County  Breakfast and school day. 
Letter by Brian Morrison  Leawood, Johnson County  Rode bus to and from school. Then TV, played with friends, more TV & bed. 
Letter by Caroline Johnson  Leawood, Johnson County  Brownie troop went to Cosmophere in Hutchinson.Stayed in hotel, swam in pool. 
Letter by Arianna Searles  Leawood, Johnson County  School, then to dance class, soccer practice, cheerleading gymnastics, to overnite. 
Letter by Claire Inman  Leawood, Johnson County  Techniques of cool art project. Drew Dolphin for under sea theme. 
Letter by Aaron Hess  Leawood, Johnson County  5 in family with three pets - 2 dogs and a horse. Tae Kwon Do, trampoline. 
Letter by Brett McClure  Leawood, Johnson County  Day for Mission Trail Elementary School student. Read "The Trollls." 
Letter by Carolyn Gillinham  Leawood, Johnson County  9/11.Retirees married 53 yrs. AAUW, golf, church groups. Husb OvPkBand, Ham Radio. 
Letter by Connor Rossier  Leawood, Johnson County  Thinks he has a pretty good life. Lots of friends. 
Letter by Gillian Long  Leawood, Johnson County  Can name all 9 planets. Played four-square at recess. 
Letter by Ben Kerley  Leawood, Johnson County  Day 10/11. Subjects included "Spanish." 
Letter by Chelsea Cates  Leawood, Johnson County  School, worked on Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Played with friends after school. 
Letter by Cheri Nash  Leawood, Johnson County  Release only 
Letter by Alli Joye  Leawood, Johnson County  School day. Swept garage, practiced soccer, home for spaghetti, to TV & bed. 
Letter by Bethany Zerbe  Leawood, Johnson County  Morning before school, then school day. 
Letter by Bailey Brigance  Leawood, Johnson County  10/11 school day. 
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