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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Leavenworth

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Letter by Edith Gravatt  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Under 3,000 population. Grew up in Mercier, KS. 
Letter by Edna Eklund  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Sundays church, visiting people in church, family. 
Letter by Mary Ohler  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Oct 11, talked with family. 
Letter by Jean Theno  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Wonderful community. Born 1 1/4 mi from present home. 
Letter by Beulah Siegert  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Sept 11 reminded her of Pearl Harbor. 
Letter by Charlene Porter  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Lived on 80 acre farm 46 yrs. Old farm house. NY 
Letter by Anna M. Landauer  Basehor, Leavenworth County  Farm stories over the years. 
Letter by Aileen Seeman  Fairmount, Leavenworth County  Life in Tonganoxie. 
Letter by Dorothy Vaughan  Fairmount, Leavenworth County  FCE/Watching sons race cars. 
Letter by Shameeka Whitehead  Leavenworth, Leavenworth County  Handed in w/Bourbon Co. Student Leavenworth KS 
Letter by Anonymous  Tonganoxie/KU, Leavenworth County  Came from Japan. Studying English language. 
Letter by Betty Engler  Tonganoxie, Leavenworth County  Tonganoxie Hist Soc-Turning old dairy barn complex etc 
Letter by Frances Lawhead    Community has changed from when I was a child. 
Letter by Judy Garrett    Drugs prevalent younger set. Has stained glass business. 

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