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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Pawnee

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Letter by Marylou Andrews  Larned, Pawnee County  Larned State Hospital/Rush County Farming 
Letter by Kathleen Carney  Larned, Pawnee County  Coffee at neighbors, Kinsley to deliver sewing to Mediclodge, FCE Mtg. 
Letter by Alice Ann Powell Clapsaddle  Larned, Pawnee County  Larned community, family activities 
Letter by David Karl Clapsaddle  Larned, Pawnee County  Larned's first house-saloon-school 
Letter by Judi Cross  Larned, Pawnee County  Young mother, FCE, Quarter horses 
Letter by Joan M. Forrest  Larned, Pawnee County  Farm, Part-time Ext Office, 37yrFCE 
Letter by Joe Gillaspie  Rozel, Pawnee County  Retired from farming, supt schools, etc 
Letter by Juanita Gillaspie  Rozel, Pawnee County  Town of 200, FCE member 
Letter by Fern McBride  Larned, Pawnee County  50-yr member FCE, need mothers in home 
Letter by Abby Reece  Burdett, Pawnee County  Terrorist concerns, namesof family mbrs. 

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