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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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County: Rawlins

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Title Location Notes About Letter Contents
Letter by Kathy Davis Vrbos  Atwood, Rawlins County  20 yrs - Atwood Citizen-Patriot Newspaper 
Letter by Ruth Kelley Hayden  Atwood, Rawlins County  Terror, Town & Country Guild, pop. 1,279 
Letter by Sam Kogl  Atwood, Rawlins County  Student with homes in Colby & Atwood, 30 mi apart 
Letter by Mary K. Holle  Herndon, Rawlins County  Farm & ranch, FFA, Ch of Ch, Terror 
Letter by Raythal Lea Reuber  Lydell, Rawlins County  Attended jr hi flag football, FCE 

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