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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Zack Barth  Arlington, Reno County  Schedule: School, chores, minute by minute. 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  Loves going to school in Buhler District. Teachers nice. Rides bus to school. School far away. 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  Has lived in New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia and Kansas. 
Letter by Samantha Dick  Buhler, Reno County  Not much going on in Buhler. Glad does not live in NY. 
Letter by Adam Gehring  Buhler, Reno County  Mother works at Buhler City Hall, father fire fighter Hutch. 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  Hunts doves, quail, phesants, deer, turkeys and squirrels. Skateboards. 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  School. Home-greets mom's daycare kids. Church Volleyball. 
Letter by Jason Avery  Buhler, Reno County  Buhler small & boring. 
Letter by Levi Spicer  Buhler, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Zach Keasling  Buhler, Reno County  Learning about dominant, recessive genes, FACS(Sewing) 
Letter by Randy Flowers  Buhler, Reno County  Last semester half computer, half FASS. Football-center & tackle. 
Letter by Bethany Shultz  Buhler, Reno County  Types transportation in Christian community. 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  Buhler 4-H. Takes Sheep, Sewing & Foods. Plays trumpet in the Prairie Hills M.S.Band 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  4-H Insect Project. Has done Bike Across Kansas twice. Did Ride Around Wyoming once. 
Letter by Jennie Adrian  Buhler, Reno County  Plays flute. Wardrobe flares & tight shirts. 
Letter by Anonymous  Buhler, Reno County  School and go to Mom & Step-dad's softball @Fun Valley. 
Letter by Brittany Richardson  Buhler, Reno County  Wants to live in CA or Paris. Wants to make difference in life. 
Letter by Emily Heizelman  Buhler, Reno County  Mennonite Bretheren. Volleyball, cheerleading, reading Harry Potter. 
Letter by Kourtney Krehbiel  Buhler, Reno County  Likes to look at household stuff at State Fair. 
Letter by Ryan Tracy  Buhler, Reno County  School likes, dislikes. Visitations w/father who is police chief. 
Letter by Spencer Bryan  Buhler, Reno County  Hates community because there is nothing to do. 
Letter by Aaron Tracy  Buhler, Reno County  Poster 
Letter by Rosasharen Carlile  Buhler, Reno County  Loves to ride through woods & see deer. Parents divorced. 
Letter by Lauren Hill  Buhler, Reno County  Mom's family lives mostly in Puerto Rico. Step-dad's family in Florida. 
Letter by DesMoines Carter  Buhler, Reno County  Booklet "A Day in the Life of a First Grader at Wiley-S.John, Teacher 
Letter by Chelsie Enns  Buhler, Reno County  Favorite food Verinika. Flatten dough, spread w/cottage cheese, bake. 
Letter by Alena Ogg  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Abbie Baldwin  Hutchinson, Reno County  Feelings about 9/11 terror attack. 
Letter by Alejandra Reyes  Hutchinson, Reno County  Faris Elem. 
Letter by Alephbria Anonymous  Hutchinson, Reno County  Sun and girl picture. 
Letter by Alan Maciel  Hutchinson, Reno County  From Mexico. Has many friends. All Mexican except 1 from Phillipines. 
Letter by Aaron Vandiver  Hutchinson, Reno County  Poster - PRAYER 
Letter by Aaron Anonymous  Hutchinson, Reno County  Lives in Oklahoma. Does flips in sky on skateboard. 
Letter by Alan Blevins  Hutchinson, Reno County  Lamentation poster - KANSAS. 
Letter by Adrienne Brungardt  Hutchinson, Reno County  Morton Salt Mine. Underground vault stores old movies from Hollywood. 
Letter by Aaron Stephenson  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Adrianna Garcia  Hutchinson, Reno County  Mall stores fun to look in. Expensive. Favorite - Old Navy. 
Letter by Allison Anonymous  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture stars and building. 
Letter by Adrian Montes, Jr  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Aaron Rhea  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Hailey Ummel  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Allexis L.  Hutchinson, Reno County  Family is best seen. 
Letter by Adilene Garcia  Hutchinson, Reno County  We help Mexican boys & girls learn English & translate for them. 
Letter by Alissa Buzzard  Hutchinson, Reno County  Dad works at a salt factory. Does not live with mom. Names friends. 
Letter by Alishia Armstrong  Hutchinson, Reno County  Two brothers. Mother Ronda. 
Letter by Allie Brawner  Hutchinson, Reno County  School & community raising money for NY victims. 
Letter by Adam Sharp  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture 
Letter by Allison Branscom  Hutchinson, Reno County  Worries-first terror incident, also anthrax spread in Florida. 
Letter by Allison Sandlin  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture and story. 
Letter by Aaron Newburn  Hutchinson, Reno County  State Fair. 
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