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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Max Deviney  Nickerson, Reno County  Klear Nearly Days biggest event of year. 
Letter by Mahili Engstrom  Nickerson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Samantha Price  Nickerson, Reno County  Born in NY. Has had great life. 
Letter by Jason Wiggins  Nickerson, Reno County  Some day when you donā??t have to work, "Come Share our Space." 
Letter by Amy Hartman  Nickerson, Reno County  9/11. Hears about good deeds since 9/11. 
Letter by Kristen Golding  Nickerson, Reno County  Nickerson 10 miles west of Hutchinson 
Letter by Ben Colle  Nickerson, Reno County  Poster 
Letter by Kelsey Herrel  Nickerson, Reno County  10 mi. west of Hutchinson 
Letter by Megan McLemore  Nickerson, Reno County  Haunted pasture. 
Letter by John Trussell  Nickerson, Reno County  Features of Nickerson 
Letter by Anonymous  Nickerson, Reno County  Girl thinks Hutchinson boring - needs more shooting ranges or stuff like that. 
Letter by Abbie Carlton  Nickerson, Reno County  Poster 
Letter by Anonymous  Nickerson, Reno County  Extra small, but needs space. Between Buhler & Hutch. 
Letter by Ashley Carlton  Nickerson, Reno County  Morgan, McCandles & Lincoln ElemSchStudents 
Letter by Ashley Anonymous  Nickerson, Reno County  Morgon, McCandles & Lincoln Elem Sch Students 
Letter by Kerri Goldsby  Nickerson, Reno County  Picture/Story 
Letter by Heidi Coon  Nickerson, Reno County  Story 
Letter by Kelli Schultz  Nickerson, Reno County  Picture 
Letter by Anonymous  Medora, Reno County  Medora between Buhler and Hutchinson. Lives on farm. Parents raise wheat and do trucking. 
Letter by Anonymous  Medora, Reno County  Guadeloupe Festival. There's not a lot to do. Girl wishes for more shooting ranges. 
Letter by Abbie Baldwin  Hutchinson, Reno County  Feelings about 9/11 terror attack. 
Letter by Aaron Vandiver  Hutchinson, Reno County  Poster - PRAYER 
Letter by Aaron Anonymous  Hutchinson, Reno County  Lives in Oklahoma. Does flips in sky on skateboard. 
Letter by Alan Blevins  Hutchinson, Reno County  Lamentation poster - KANSAS. 
Letter by Adrienne Brungardt  Hutchinson, Reno County  Morton Salt Mine. Underground vault stores old movies from Hollywood. 
Letter by Aaron Stephenson  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Alan Maciel  Hutchinson, Reno County  From Mexico. Has many friends. All Mexican except 1 from Phillipines. 
Letter by Alejandra Reyes  Hutchinson, Reno County  Faris Elem. 
Letter by Alena Ogg  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Alephbria Anonymous  Hutchinson, Reno County  Sun and girl picture. 
Letter by Adrianna Garcia  Hutchinson, Reno County  Mall stores fun to look in. Expensive. Favorite - Old Navy. 
Letter by Adrian Montes, Jr  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Aaron Rhea  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Hailey Ummel  Hutchinson, Reno County  [None] 
Letter by Andee Tyler  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture: I Like Firefighters. 
Letter by Adilene Garcia  Hutchinson, Reno County  We help Mexican boys & girls learn English & translate for them. 
Letter by Adam Sharp  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture 
Letter by Aaron Newburn  Hutchinson, Reno County  State Fair. 
Letter by Alicia Vigil  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture/story. Watches Pokeman at movie. 
Letter by Alicia Allan  Hutchinson, Reno County  Planes crashing down have made her feel insecure. 
Letter by Adam Miller  Hutchinson, Reno County  Story/picture 
Letter by Alexis Parker  Hutchinson, Reno County  Likes to go to movies & cosmosphere. 
Letter by Alishia Armstrong  Hutchinson, Reno County  Two brothers. Mother Ronda. 
Letter by Alissa Buzzard  Hutchinson, Reno County  Dad works at a salt factory. Does not live with mom. Names friends. 
Letter by Allexis L.  Hutchinson, Reno County  Family is best seen. 
Letter by Allie Brawner  Hutchinson, Reno County  School & community raising money for NY victims. 
Letter by Allison Anonymous  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture stars and building. 
Letter by Allison Branscom  Hutchinson, Reno County  Worries-first terror incident, also anthrax spread in Florida. 
Letter by Allison Sandlin  Hutchinson, Reno County  Picture and story. 
Letter by Alexandria Geddes  Hutchinson, Reno County  Love to cook, babysit little kids. Mom & dad both remarried. 
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