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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Cara Lee Dickerson  Merriam, Johnson County  Compiled history of Merriam Christian Church by Cara Lee Dickerson 
Letter by Matthew Dickson  Shawnee, Johnson County  Marching band, school yearbook 
Letter by Amanda Dittmer  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Family, school, basketball. 
Letter by Jessica Dobson  Overland Park, Johnson County  School, family activities with divorced parents. 
Letter by Caroline Dodd  Leawood, Johnson County  Sang song about Country. Student Brookridge Elementary School. 
Letter by Caroline Duncan  Leawood, Johnson County  Sr Blue Valley North H.S. Moved from North Carolina. Clothes, car, soccer, TV. 
Letter by Katy Durkin  DeSoto, Johnson County  Boring classes, then to play practice or soccer/football game 
Letter by Caitlin Eckard  Merriam, Johnson County  9/11 reactions self, family, school and friends. 
Letter by Christopher Eckman  Leawood, Johnson County  On swim and baseball teams. 
Letter by Eleanor V. Eggers  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Worked to save Santa Fe Trail segment 
Letter by Ashley Eller  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Fashions, friends, favorite activities. 
Letter by James Ellwood  Merriam, Johnson County  Joint Letter-Retired from 12 years serving as IRS tax examiner. 
Letter by Vera Ellwood  Merriam, Johnson County  Joint Letter-educational, craft, art, recreational activities, church, family. 
Letter by Jean Epperson  DeSoto, Johnson County  Resident 50 yrs. Viewed Vietnam Wall in city park 
Letter by Jimmy Euston  Leawood, Johnson County  Day at Mission Trail Elementary School 
Letter by Danielle Fahlgren  Overland Park, Johnson County  Family & friends trustworthy. School is fun! 
Letter by Jackson Fahrnon  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Dad cop for Olathe-Spring Hill Police Dept, mom chemist for KC Crime Lab. 
Letter by Norma Falwell  Overland Park, Johnson County  10/11 activities, meals, conveniences; cost assisted living for firend. 
Letter by Sean Favreau  Prairie Village, Johnson County  John Diemer/Brookwood classes 
Letter by Joann Feehan  Overland Park, Johnson County  Church, activities for day incl work on P&G Retirees newsletter, family. 
Letter by Jo Ficken  Olathe, Johnson County  Spring Hill FCE. Son started building me new front porch on 10/11. 
Letter by Peter Fields  Westwood, Johnson County  School, computer online, eating at Ponaks 
Letter by Lindsey Forbach  Overland Park, Johnson County  Day, dog, family life & vehicles. Attends computer school. Works. 
Letter by Dolores Ford  Shawnee, Johnson County  WyCoFCE,AmericanRoyalJournals at KSHS, KSU,WyCo 
Letter by Tyler Franklin  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Attends rural, suburban Spring Hill school. 
Letter by Irene B. French  Merriam, Johnson County  Former long-time Merriam mayor. Working now with local & KC Area groups. 
Letter by Garrett Watt Funk  Leawood, Johnson County  School was fun. Meals for day; skated at Skateland, played soccer at home. 
Letter by Sarah Furman  DeSoto, Johnson County  Life beautiful and boring. Has 9 horses. 
Letter by Josh Gabbard  Shawnee, Johnson County  Terror attack-scared cousin will go to war 
Letter by Carol Gafney  Overland Park, Johnson County  Auto accident, teacher, life with family 
Letter by Katherine Gallion  Leawood, Johnson County  Played games on way to Hutchinson with Brownie Troop, moms. 
Letter by Kyle Gardner  Olathe, Johnson County  9/11. Farmers cutting beans until dark. Magazine sales at school. 
Letter by Laura Gatza  Gardner, Johnson County  9/11. Stay-at-home mom w/14-mo old. Her day on 10/11. 
Letter by Maggie Gerwe  Leawood, Johnson County  School day - Miss Hobbs my most caring teacher. Home for piano lesson. 
Letter by Mariana Giampetruzzi  Leawood, Johnson County  Favorites: foods, recess play, TV shows.5 in family. 
Letter by Carolyn Gillinham  Leawood, Johnson County  9/11.Retirees married 53 yrs. AAUW, golf, church groups. Husb OvPkBand, Ham Radio. 
Letter by Alice Goff  Merriam, Johnson County  Home, family, review of life in country as child. Adult years in Merriam. 
Letter by Norma Jean Gould  Prairie Village, Johnson County  FCE, Substitute Elem Teacher-Sh Mission 
Letter by Gloria Morgan Graham  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Life through the years. 
Letter by James S. Graham  Overland Park, Johnson County  Life in Argentine,KCK; Marine Corp, truck driver, retirement yrs. 
Letter by Wanda Gray  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Homemaker, no children; husb ret. Engineer 
Letter by Josh Green  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Sports. Thinks he will live in Ov.Pk when he grows up. 
Letter by Konstantin Gregorian  Lenexa, Johnson County  Arrived in US 10 yrs ago at age of 6. 
Letter by Andy Gregory  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Rural, suburban school 
Letter by Andrew Grin  Leawood, Johnson County  School. Played on tire swing at recess. Classes, meals. 
Letter by Lindsey Gross    Olathe Med Center Nutritional Dept, Autos 
Letter by Dana Hacker  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Sh Mission North-In Strolling Strings: group to Scotland, Ireland & Wales. 
Letter by Grace Anne Hagen  Leawood, Johnson County  Plays piano, soccer. Describes her clothing, hair style, food, school. 
Letter by Nate Haggatt  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. School, then played football. Won 28-16. 
Letter by Christine L. Haines  Leawood, Johnson County  Works Corinth Library, resident KCMo 64117 
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