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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Aaron Hess  Leawood, Johnson County  5 in family with three pets - 2 dogs and a horse. Tae Kwon Do, trampoline. 
Letter by Elizabeth Campbell  Leawood, Johnson County  Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Then rode in car to Cosmosphere, Hutchinson KS 
Letter by Greg Magrum  Leawood, Johnson County  School day. 
Letter by Carolyn Gillinham  Leawood, Johnson County  9/11.Retirees married 53 yrs. AAUW, golf, church groups. Husb OvPkBand, Ham Radio. 
Letter by Garrett Watt Funk  Leawood, Johnson County  School was fun. Meals for day; skated at Skateland, played soccer at home. 
Letter by Danny Hovelsrud  Leawood, Johnson County  After school skating party, had pizza at friend's house & stayed overnight. 
Letter by Jonathan Kempin  Leawood, Johnson County  Friend slept over. Played on computer, then Game Boy. 
Letter by Katherine Gallion  Leawood, Johnson County  Played games on way to Hutchinson with Brownie Troop, moms. 
Letter by Scott Witty  Leawood, Johnson County  Parents bought 4acres. Will build house, pool, barn for 2 horses. 
Letter by Kali Lantefield  Leawood, Johnson County  Field trip with Girl Scout troop to Cosmophere after school. 
Letter by Abby Bernard  Leawood, Johnson County  Plays soccer, tennis, golf. On Hallbrook Swim Team. 
Letter by Samantha Levine  Leawood, Johnson County  After school went to neighbor's house & helped clean basement. On to Dance Class. 
Letter by Brian Morrison  Leawood, Johnson County  Rode bus to and from school. Then TV, played with friends, more TV & bed. 
Letter by Catherine Jarrell  Leawood, Johnson County  Medical writer & publisher. Technology changed in 20 years. 
Letter by Patrick Male  Leawood, Johnson County  School day. Teacher forget to draw for "Golden Tickets. 
Letter by Dorothy Rose  Lenexa, Johnson County  Walk enjoying Mother Nature. Boards 14 horses. Lunch w/16-yr-old grandson. 
Letter by Ashley Armstrong  Lenexa, Johnson County  She & friend are producers of class cable show. 
Letter by Jessica Murphy  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11.Choir, cheerleading, dancing, modeling. US History favorite subject. 
Letter by Travis Budenbender  Lenexa, Johnson County  Shares dislikes of way people drive. 
Letter by Mike Brogdan  Lenexa, Johnson County  Parents divorced. Goes to dad's on wkends & plays pool, sports. 
Letter by Mollie Maisch  Lenexa, Johnson County  Life is a bustle. Going all the time. 
Letter by Mariel Terrill  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. Plans to become obstetrician. 
Letter by Megan Smith  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMSouth soccer, cross country, Raider band-biggest band in KS. 
Letter by David Cawthon  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11 in detail. Has 2 step-sisters. 
Letter by Brent Sams  Lenexa, Johnson County  Having divorced parents has been difficult for he & brother, but thinks it makes them better people. 
Letter by Susan Kroh  Lenexa, Johnson County  Life, interests, picture of school. 
Letter by Danielle Mourning  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. On JV Dance Team, Premier Dance Company. 
Letter by Anonymous  Lenexa, Johnson County  Student Shawnee Mission West 
Letter by Brittney Lashmet  Lenexa, Johnson County  Moved around a lot. Challenges of life. Belongs to "Out of Hand" writing group at school. 
Letter by Kelsey Karistrom  Lenexa, Johnson County  Appreciation of home, opportunities. To attend play practice at church. 
Letter by Konstantin Gregorian  Lenexa, Johnson County  Arrived in US 10 yrs ago at age of 6. 
Letter by Kyle Verstraete  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. Lives in Quail Valley Townhouse w/mom. 
Letter by Scott Swainston  Lenexa, Johnson County  Band, soccer. Been to Paris, Bahamas, Florida, etc. 
Letter by Meghan Rogers  Lenexa, Johnson County  All about spare time activities. 
Letter by Chris Marshall  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11. Technologies of the 21st Century. 
Letter by Melissa Dervin  Lenexa, Johnson County  Mom former sr. designer at Lee Jeans-now stay-at-home mom. Dad dentist. 
Letter by Samantha Mendenhall  Lenexa, Johnson County  Supported friend at choir concert where she had solo. 
Letter by Erik Dalgleish  Lenexa, Johnson County  Mom is postal inspector, dad stays at home. Family pets, vehicle 
Letter by Kathleen Ochs  Lenexa, Johnson County  Daily wkout w/weights. 9/11. Flight to Phoenix . Reflects on life of brother in wheelchair. 
Letter by Emily Nicks  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11. Has lots of good friends. Dad is Parks & Rec Director. 
Letter by Josh Ladd  Lenexa, Johnson County  SM West student. Need to start conversation or you wont get acquainted. 
Letter by Elton G. Lombard  Lenexa, Johnson County  H-P&G, W-OB-GYN. Black family living in Jo.Co. 
Letter by Ellen Seferaich  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. Mom landscaper, dad funds manager. 
Letter by John J. Walker  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11. Clergyman for 40 yrs. From 2 trips to Palestine, knew this would happen. 
Letter by Ashley Birk  Lenexa, Johnson County  Lives in community of $200,000 - $300,000 homes. 1-3 children.Lots of split households. 
Letter by Jaime Weakley  Lenexa, Johnson County  Hands shook & heart thumped before singing solo. 
Letter by Jayme Nowicki  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11 in depth. 
Letter by Phil Kroh  Lenexa, Johnson County  The Day October 11 plus NY Terror info, picture. 
Letter by Roger Kroh  Lenexa, Johnson County  Johnson County Planning Dept. Predictions 2040, 2085. 
Letter by Caitlin Owen  Merriam, Johnson County  Skipped breakfast to have more time to get ready for school. 
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