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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Kaley Joeckel  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Spring Hiss M.S. School, 9/11, soccer. 
Letter by Caroline Johnson  Leawood, Johnson County  Brownie troop went to Cosmophere in Hutchinson.Stayed in hotel, swam in pool. 
Letter by Mary Glenna Johnson  Roeland Park, Johnson County  FCE, KC Toy & Miniature Museum Docent 
Letter by Sarah Johnston  Leawood, Johnson County  Sang "God Bless America" & "Star Spangled Banner" at school assembly. 
Letter by Brett D. Jones  Overland Park, Johnson County  Student writes of 9/11. 
Letter by Katie Jones  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. School, confirmation class. To take nephew to "Pumpkin Patch." 
Letter by Roberta Jones  Overland Park, Johnson County  Husband retired district judge. Apt living for retired couple. 9/11. 
Letter by Ellen Jorgenson  Shawnee, Johnson County  Sh Ms North-intercom announces tragedy 
Letter by Alli Joye  Leawood, Johnson County  School day. Swept garage, practiced soccer, home for spaghetti, to TV & bed. 
Letter by Kelsey Karistrom  Lenexa, Johnson County  Appreciation of home, opportunities. To attend play practice at church. 
Letter by Matt Kaushal  Overland Park, Johnson County  Doesnt like school that much but likes sports. 
Letter by Johnathan Kay  Leawood, Johnson County  Gives title of book checked out at school library. 
Letter by Ginny Keepes  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11 in depth. 
Letter by Lacey Keller  Spring Hill, Johnson County  School. Has braces on teeth. Dad is machinist, Mom a Claims Agent. 
Letter by Jonathan Kempin  Leawood, Johnson County  Friend slept over. Played on computer, then Game Boy. 
Letter by Amelia Justine Kennon  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Spring Hill M.S. School, soccer. 
Letter by Courtney Keplinger  Leawood, Johnson County  Names family, pet. Hair style, school, dance, cheerleading. 9/11. 
Letter by Ben Kerley  Leawood, Johnson County  Day 10/11. Subjects included "Spanish." 
Letter by Paige Kerley  Leawood, Johnson County  Third grader- Mission Trail School 
Letter by Chris Kern  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Oldest of 5 kids. Plays 4 sports in school. 
Letter by Diane Kester  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Teacher-Mission Trail School, Family acivities 
Letter by Roxanne King  Leawood, Johnson County  Workday at Leawood Pioneer Library. 
Letter by Barbara Kleinman    Busy day around city 
Letter by Ashley Knedlik  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Plays basketball.On 10/11 went to Powder Puff football game. 
Letter by Ryan Kohn  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Math favorite class. Mr. Pope is favorite teacher. 
Letter by Kelly Kramer  DeSoto, Johnson County  Student DeSoto 
Letter by Mary Gale Kramer  DeSoto, Johnson County  Mother, Teacher 
Letter by Naomi J. Kramer  Olathe, Johnson County  Born Clare Comm, life in Olathe 
Letter by William B. Kramer  Olathe, Johnson County  Born Olathe, Oklahoma, WW II, Olathe 
Letter by Clifford Lee Kroh  Merriam, Johnson County  9/11. P&G Retiree. Family life childhood to life as retiree. 
Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association  Merriam, Johnson County  Kansas City Area Historic Trails Assn, compiled by Dorothy Kroh 
History of Merriam Christian Church  Merriam, Johnson County  History of Merriam Christian Church compiled by Dorothy Kroh. 
Letter by Dorothy Jean Kroh  Merriam, Johnson County  Day in My Community, Morris FCE, Merriam 
Letter by Phil Kroh  Lenexa, Johnson County  The Day October 11 plus NY Terror info, picture. 
Letter by Roger Kroh  Lenexa, Johnson County  Johnson County Planning Dept. Predictions 2040, 2085. 
Letter by Susan Kroh  Lenexa, Johnson County  Life, interests, picture of school. 
Letter by Natalie Kuechler  Overland Park, Johnson County  Hobby twirling around fire pole at school. Favorite activities. 
Letter by Kelly Kutchko  Merriam, Johnson County  Descriptive letter 10/11-5:30 a.m. to school day, life. 
Letter by Josh Ladd  Lenexa, Johnson County  SM West student. Need to start conversation or you wont get acquainted. 
Letter by Kali Lantefield  Leawood, Johnson County  Field trip with Girl Scout troop to Cosmophere after school. 
Letter by Danielle LaSart  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Dress attire, school. 
Letter by Brittney Lashmet  Lenexa, Johnson County  Moved around a lot. Challenges of life. Belongs to "Out of Hand" writing group at school. 
Letter by William Latham    Favorite day Saturday - goes to movies. 
Letter by Samantha Levine  Leawood, Johnson County  After school went to neighbor's house & helped clean basement. On to Dance Class. 
Letter by Jack Lindsay  Overland Park, Johnson County  His mom is librarian at his school. 
Letter by Grace Linville  Leawood, Johnson County  School, home & watched TV, then to karate. 
Letter by M. Lippert  Merriam, Johnson County  9/11. 10/11-Volunteer day at ShMs Hospital, beauty shop, Jeopardy on TV. 
Letter by Evan Lloyd  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Football game at Prairie View after school. 
Letter by Elton G. Lombard  Lenexa, Johnson County  H-P&G, W-OB-GYN. Black family living in Jo.Co. 
Letter by Gillian Long  Leawood, Johnson County  Can name all 9 planets. Played four-square at recess. 
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