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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Margaret Nichols  Olathe, Johnson County  Roof over head, CA, London, France, Olathe 
Letter by Virginia Mackey  Olathe, Johnson County  Holstein dairy, Spring Hill FCE, kids 4-H 
Letter by Wendy [Removed by request]  Olathe, Johnson County  Stay-at-home mom, husb citizen Singapore 
Letter by Iris Sanford  Olathe, Johnson County  FCE, Live on farm, raise exotic animals 
Letter by Jessica Norton  Olathe, Johnson County  Lists diseases we face in 2001. 
Letter by Kyli McCully  Olathe, Johnson County  Subjects, class schedule for Spring Hill Middle School student. 
Letter by Suzanne Tackett  Olathe, Johnson County  Vol Library, works in bookstore part time 
Letter by Patrick Lynch  Olathe, Johnson County  Father Irish, mother German, 1 of 8 in family 
Letter by Naomi J. Kramer  Olathe, Johnson County  Born Clare Comm, life in Olathe 
Letter by Jerri Hefling  Olathe, Johnson County  JoCoFCE/Works in KC. Moved to Miami Co-built log house. 
Letter by Cindy Vallar  Olathe, Johnson County  Author, reviewer, updates website 
Letter by Dillon Hirth  Olathe, Johnson County  Student 
Letter by Travis Hartland  Olathe, Johnson County  Classes, friends. 
Letter by Jo Ficken  Olathe, Johnson County  Spring Hill FCE. Son started building me new front porch on 10/11. 
Letter by Lana Williamson  Olathe, Johnson County  Sh Ms South, waitress, writer, information + 
Letter by Kyle Gardner  Olathe, Johnson County  9/11. Farmers cutting beans until dark. Magazine sales at school. 
Letter by Kelly Delancy  Olathe, Johnson County  Stay-at-home mom. Daughters 5 mos. & 3 years. 
Letter by D. Jane Beaver  Olathe, Johnson County  Grew up in Merriam. Moved to 40 A. in Olathe in 1964. 
Letter by Ryan Berry  Olathe, Johnson County  Spring Hill Middle School. Favorite animal is snake. 
Letter by Stella Andolina  Olathe, Johnson County  Moved to Olathe from Pennsylvania in 1980. Community has grown from 37,000 to 100,000. 
Letter by William B. Kramer  Olathe, Johnson County  Born Olathe, Oklahoma, WW II, Olathe 
Letter by Mildred Hermon  Olathe, Johnson County  Harmony FCE, judge crafts at Co.Fair 
Letter by Tom & Kathy Skidmore  Olathe, Johnson County  Very busy, typical day for the Skidmore family. 9/11. 
Letter by Meredith Scheuneman  Olathe, Johnson County  Lives on 156 A farm. Raises corn, coybeans. No animals on farm. 
Letter by Pat Armitage  Olathe, Johnson County  Grew up in Arkansas. As adult, moved to many states. She pre-school teacher. Attends elderhostels. 
Letter by Jennifer Moore  Mission, Johnson County  9/11 and reactions from World. 
Letter by Sabrina Baldi  Mission, Johnson County  SMN. She & mom hosting German student. Mom out job hunting after work cutback. 
Letter by Danny D. Nguyen  Mission, Johnson County  9/11 discussions at home, school. 
Letter by Jessica Jacobi  Mission, Johnson County  Life is a struggle. Parents divorced. Wants to become good teacher. 
Letter by Will Tramp  Mission, Johnson County  Student 
Letter by Ora M. "Gretta" Ross  Mission, Johnson County  10/11-FCE Ethnics Holiday Traditions Day. Family, volunteer activities. 
Letter by John McGuire  Mission, Johnson County  Fad-guys dye hair bright blond. Girls dye their hair red. 
Letter by Yvonne Corpus  Mission, Johnson County  School room on 9/11. Classes, friends, TV, shopping. 
Letter by Matt McGuire  Mission, Johnson County  9/11. Has cool friends. Shows he watches on television. 
Letter by Hugh O'Donnell  Mission, Johnson County  9/11. Going to Cardinals game in St. Louis. Get to sit in great ESPN seats. 
Letter by Albert M. Ross  Mission, Johnson County  Retired from law in 1995. 10/11 attended Overland Park Optimist Club luncheon. 
Letter by Stacie Jesseph  Mission, Johnson County  9/11. SMNorth Jr. Varsity drill team. Mother died 1999. 
Letter by Vera Ellwood  Merriam, Johnson County  Joint Letter-educational, craft, art, recreational activities, church, family. 
Letter by Teresia Harding  Merriam, Johnson County  Walking in Antioch Park. Apt Mgr., family activities. 
Letter by Kelly Kutchko  Merriam, Johnson County  Descriptive letter 10/11-5:30 a.m. to school day, life. 
Letter by Tisha Hunt  Merriam, Johnson County  Hocker Grove 7th grade 
Letter by Caitlin Owen  Merriam, Johnson County  Skipped breakfast to have more time to get ready for school. 
Letter by Caitlin Eckard  Merriam, Johnson County  9/11 reactions self, family, school and friends. 
Letter by Ethan Parks  Merriam, Johnson County  Creative story about life of school class validictorian. 
Letter by M. Lippert  Merriam, Johnson County  9/11. 10/11-Volunteer day at ShMs Hospital, beauty shop, Jeopardy on TV. 
Letter by Irene B. French  Merriam, Johnson County  Former long-time Merriam mayor. Working now with local & KC Area groups. 
Letter by Ross Marshall  Merriam, Johnson County  Trail local & national, church, cancer support activities 
Letter by James Ellwood  Merriam, Johnson County  Joint Letter-Retired from 12 years serving as IRS tax examiner. 
Letter by Alice Goff  Merriam, Johnson County  Home, family, review of life in country as child. Adult years in Merriam. 
Letter by Jana Marshall  Merriam, Johnson County  Christian cancer support group. 
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