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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Danny D. Nguyen  Mission, Johnson County  9/11 discussions at home, school. 
Letter by Loretta Nichols  DeSoto, Johnson County  Full-time Homemaker, DeSoto family info. 
Letter by Margaret Nichols  Olathe, Johnson County  Roof over head, CA, London, France, Olathe 
Letter by Neal Nickel  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Male who likes to play sports. Going to sell Reader's Digest for school fund-raising. 
Letter by Emily Nicks  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11. Has lots of good friends. Dad is Parks & Rec Director. 
Letter by Kari Niehaus  Leawood, Johnson County  Mrs. Dukes is best beacher. Breakfast & lunch menu. 
Letter by Nikki Nipper  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Bus to school. Studies covered in different class. Basketball, band. 
Letter by Jessica Norton  Olathe, Johnson County  Lists diseases we face in 2001. 
Letter by Jayme Nowicki  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11 in depth. 
Letter by Kathleen Ochs  Lenexa, Johnson County  Daily wkout w/weights. 9/11. Flight to Phoenix . Reflects on life of brother in wheelchair. 
Letter by Hugh O'Donnell  Mission, Johnson County  9/11. Going to Cardinals game in St. Louis. Get to sit in great ESPN seats. 
Letter by Molly O'Hagan  Leawood, Johnson County  After Iowa Test, went to "Science on Wheels" class. 
Letter by Dustin Olson  Overland Park, Johnson County  Descriptive of family, school, life. 
Letter by Jared O'Malley  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Bus, breakfast to Spring Hill Middle School. The day. 
Letter by Tim Orser  Shawnee, Johnson County  Hocker Grove. Half Japanese 
Letter by Jackie Osborn  Overland Park, Johnson County  [None] 
Letter by Caitlin Owen  Merriam, Johnson County  Skipped breakfast to have more time to get ready for school. 
Letter by Peggy Owen  Overland Park, Johnson County  Elementary school teacher-Hyman Brand Academy. Family life. 
Letter by Deborah Owens  Overland Park, Johnson County  AAUW, Retired Librarian 
Letter by Jessica Owsley  Overland Park, Johnson County  Freshman Shawnee Mission West 
Letter by Robin Pahardja  DeSoto, Johnson County  Born in foreign country. Glad to be in U.S. 
Letter by Erick Palafox  Overland Park, Johnson County  Has black eyes, black hair, tan skin. Has lots of friends. 
Letter by Jeremiah Palmer  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Has bible/study group at his house. Likes music groups. 
Letter by Samantha Parker  Leawood, Johnson County  After Test, went to Mrs. Gilcrest for special enrichment classes. 
Letter by Ethan Parks  Merriam, Johnson County  Creative story about life of school class validictorian. 
Letter by Margaret Patrick  Shawnee, Johnson County  MU-all grandchildren KU Graduates 
Letter by Elfreeda Payton  DeSoto, Johnson County  Willow Springs FCE 
Letter by Susan Pepperdine  Fairway, Johnson County  Own public relations firm. Met husband uses 3-Step Marketing that she teaches. 
Letter by Amanda Peterson  Overland Park, Johnson County  Very involved in music and school groups, community. 
Letter by Lauren Peterson  Shawnee, Johnson County  World Trade Center story 
Letter by Jacob Phelps  Shawnee, Johnson County  My Day 
Letter by Whitney Pickett  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Rural, suburban school 
Letter by Michelle Pirie  Shawnee, Johnson County  Home schools 2, 2 go to high school 
Letter by Drew Poole  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Family has 6 4-wheelers, two dirt bikes. Popular cars are hummers, corvettes, Ferrari's & Porsche. 
Letter by Dena Powell  Overland Park, Johnson County  Sr in school. Taking college credit courses. Fundraising for music group. 
Letter by Jack Procter  Leawood, Johnson County  Mission Trail Elem. Community huge. Very little crime because of good police. 
Letter by Pat Puett  Gardner, Johnson County  Crafty Crew FCE. Life growing up in small town. Moved to Gardner 1954. 
Letter by Patrick Raasch  Spring Hill, Johnson County  School, Wrote definitions for the moon in 6th hour. Football, home, TV and bed. 
Letter by Dorothy Reffitt  Roeland Park, Johnson County  FCE. Roeland Park 40 yrs, son quadraplegic 
Letter by Wendy [Removed by request]  Olathe, Johnson County  Stay-at-home mom, husb citizen Singapore 
Letter by Jill Robben  Leawood, Johnson County  Family Dad, mom, 3 sisters and 2 half sisters. Activities of day. 
Letter by Rob Roberts  Overland Park, Johnson County  Sun Publications Asst Editor, lives in Eudora. 9/11. Work, family activities. 
Letter by Julie Rocklin  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. 10/11 similar to any other day for her. 
Letter by Dan Rodman  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. SMWest on 10/11. Likes to play guitar. Family life. 
Letter by Lauren Rodriquez  Overland Park, Johnson County  Life of SMWest Junior, a teenager. 
Letter by Meghan Rogers  Lenexa, Johnson County  All about spare time activities. 
Letter by Alex Rose  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Shawnee Ms. South. Family enjoys traveling. 
Letter by Dorothy Rose  Lenexa, Johnson County  Walk enjoying Mother Nature. Boards 14 horses. Lunch w/16-yr-old grandson. 
Letter by Albert M. Ross  Mission, Johnson County  Retired from law in 1995. 10/11 attended Overland Park Optimist Club luncheon. 
Letter by Ora M. "Gretta" Ross  Mission, Johnson County  10/11-FCE Ethnics Holiday Traditions Day. Family, volunteer activities. 
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