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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Ora M. "Gretta" Ross  Mission, Johnson County  10/11-FCE Ethnics Holiday Traditions Day. Family, volunteer activities. 
Letter by Felisa (Murillo) Ruiz  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Initiated march in R.P. for Hispanic Causes. KCMoResident 
Letter by Cynthia Ryan    Student Shawnee Mission East. Activities with friends. 
Letter by Alex Salvato  Leawood, Johnson County  After school went to tennis lesson. Then home & rode bike w/friend. 
Letter by Brent Sams  Lenexa, Johnson County  Having divorced parents has been difficult for he & brother, but thinks it makes them better people. 
Letter by Ashley Samuelson  Shawnee, Johnson County  Typical day in Shawnee 
Letter by Ashley Sanders  Leawood, Johnson County  Brownie troop to have skating party. 
Letter by Laura Sanders  Shawnee, Johnson County  Middle School 
Letter by Lauren Sanders  Shawnee, Johnson County  Middle School, Terrorist hijacking story 
Letter by Iris Sanford  Olathe, Johnson County  FCE, Live on farm, raise exotic animals 
Letter by Meredith Scheuneman  Olathe, Johnson County  Lives on 156 A farm. Raises corn, coybeans. No animals on farm. 
Letter by Jennifer Schoenberger  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Mom day care provider. Dad at Johnson Co Sheriff's Dept. 
Letter by Emily Schwab  Leawood, Johnson County  After school rode bikes with mom, then to soccer practice. 
Letter by Arianna Searles  Leawood, Johnson County  School, then to dance class, soccer practice, cheerleading gymnastics, to overnite. 
Letter by Carley J. Sears  Leawood, Johnson County  Grandparents in 80's came for dinner. Made plans for them to go pick apples with us. 
Letter by Cori Sebasto  Spring Hill, Johnson County  5 in family. School very nice. Hot lunches, reliable friends. Favorite-Art. 
Letter by Ellen Seferaich  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. Mom landscaper, dad funds manager. 
Letter by Christopher Senst  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Up at 5:30 a.m. Ready for school, then play on computer till 7am. 
Letter by Don Severson  Overland Park, Johnson County  Life of a J.D.Reece Realtors realtor. 
Letter by Devon Shefcyk  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Get ride to school. Like usual, close to being late. 10/11. 
Letter by Andrew Shirling  Overland Park, Johnson County  Student likes school. 
Letter by Samantha Shouse  Leawood, Johnson County  Mom used to be nurse. Dad is lawyer. Has 7 cats, 2 dogs. 
Letter by Lesley Sifers  Overland Park, Johnson County  JO Co from Iowa 1968, drive JO Co to Abilene KS 
Letter by Kelsey Simpson  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Business in Spring Hill, schools. Chores, homework when home. 
Letter by Stephanie Skahan  Overland Park, Johnson County  Iowa to Prairie Village 1968-2001 
Letter by Tom & Kathy Skidmore  Olathe, Johnson County  Very busy, typical day for the Skidmore family. 9/11. 
Letter by Ashley Smith  Shawnee, Johnson County  Dixie Bell Dancers 9 yrs, Theatre Young America 
Letter by Jan Smith  Overland Park, Johnson County  Has never seen father who left two wks before she was born. 
Letter by Josh S. Smith  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Had bike stolen, returned on 10/12. 
Letter by Megan Smith  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMSouth soccer, cross country, Raider band-biggest band in KS. 
Letter by Rachael Smith  DeSoto, Johnson County  School 
Letter by Roni Smith  Overland Park, Johnson County  Self description. Likes sports. 
Letter by Shirley Smith  Roeland Park, Johnson County  FCE, Wal-Mart Shopping in Roeland Park 
Letter by Brodi Smothers  Spring Hill, Johnson County  School w/homework every subject. Then shower, listen to music, bed at 10:00. 
Letter by Rosalea V. Snow  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Retired Sr high school teacher. Has written 7 one-act plays since retiring. 
Letter by Walter Snow  Overland Park, Johnson County  Anonymously for possible publication 
Letter by Karen Lynne Sorensen  Overland Park, Johnson County  Project Mgr-JO County Wastewater. Life at work, home, family. 
Letter by Jason Spengel  Overland Park, Johnson County  Student is honest, cooperative, smart, considerate. Likes Brookridge. 
Letter by Katherine Spiess  Overland Park, Johnson County  SMN. Drives '92 Saturn. Works at pet store. Parents divorced. 
Letter by James Springer    JCCC Student. Girl friend broke up. Bad day. 
Letter by Wes Squire  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Learning about cow towns of Kansas in History. Hates art class. 
Letter by Audra Stalzer  Leawood, Johnson County  Brookwood Elem. 9/11, transportation, activities. 
Letter by Gloria Stansbarger-Shy  Leawood, Johnson County  KCMoResident, Cataract Surgery 10/11/01 
Letter by Helen Steffey  Shawnee, Johnson County  Drive through 6 communities, FCE 
Letter by Nicolette Stenger    Computer-truck & industrial parts whse 
Letter by Jennifer Stevens  Shawnee, Johnson County  Mall, softball, piano, Hocker Grove 
Letter by Desiree Stiles  Spring Hill, Johnson County  9/11. Dad frmer. We dont make much money but he likes living in the country on farm. 
Letter by Lois Stiles  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Farming, Grange, grandmother, FCE 
Letter by Garrett Stites  Spring Hill, Johnson County  School,football game. 
Letter by Tressa Stone  Spring Hill, Johnson County  FCE, Gardner's Freddie Brecheisen-courageous citizen 4/18/1918 to 9/29/2001.Polio at young age.. 
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