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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Austin Stuck  Leawood, Johnson County  School at Mission Trail Elementary, soccer practice, TV, computer, read and to bed. 
Letter by Teresa Sullivan  Fairway, Johnson County  Professor-Computer Informations Systems at KCK Jr College 
Letter by Leigh Sunderland  Leawood, Johnson County  Ordinary 6th gr girl. Plays soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball & dance. 
Letter by Scott Swainston  Lenexa, Johnson County  Band, soccer. Been to Paris, Bahamas, Florida, etc. 
Letter by Suzanne Tackett  Olathe, Johnson County  Vol Library, works in bookstore part time 
Letter by Rex Tai  Leawood, Johnson County  Books he has read. Likes computer. Plays piano. 
Letter by Carly Tanenbaum  Leawood, Johnson County  Likes to swim, do gymnastics,. Has dog, 3 cats. 
Letter by Zachary Tanenbaum  Leawood, Johnson County  10/11 in detail. 
Letter by GeorgeAnn Taylor  DeSoto, Johnson County  Catholic, 5 children. Occupations of all family. 
Letter by Lelani L Taylor  DeSoto, Johnson County  Single, RN in Pediatrics Intensive Care. Attends Spanish classes w/mother. 
Letter by Mariel Terrill  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. Plans to become obstetrician. 
Letter by Justin Thomas  Leawood, Johnson County  On 10/11 played on hanging and monkey bars at recess. 
Letter by Justin Thompson  Spring Hill, Johnson County  Hobbies sports and scouts. Like firing black powdered gun. 
Letter by Jari Tolvanen  Leawood, Johnson County  School and skating party. 
Letter by Virginia Torchia  Overland Park, Johnson County  Nursing Care - Internal Medicine 
Letter by Roderick Townley  Overland Park, Johnson County  Author -"The Great Good Thing"- a book for children. 
Letter by Will Tramp  Mission, Johnson County  Student 
Letter by Norma J. Turville  Overland Park, Johnson County  AAUWRetired Elementary Teacher 
Letter by Erica Tyler  Shawnee, Johnson County  Hocker Gr-basketball, tennis, swim team 
Letter by Cindy Vallar  Olathe, Johnson County  Author, reviewer, updates website 
Letter by Dorothy Van Daele  DeSoto, Johnson County  Family celebrates 4th of July together yearly. 
Letter by Jessi Van Roekel  DeSoto, Johnson County  School schedule 
Letter by Jeanne Veatch  Overland Park, Johnson County  JO Co FCE Council Pres. Family & church activities. 
Letter by Lisa McGahey Veglahn  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Playgroup moms and kids/moved fromD.C. 
Letter by Catherene Verschelden  Fairway, Johnson County  History of life. Grew up in Alma, KS 
Letter by Katie Verschelden  Fairway, Johnson County  Family very close. She K-State student, McCain Ambassador. 
Letter by Kyle Verstraete  Lenexa, Johnson County  SMWest. Lives in Quail Valley Townhouse w/mom. 
Letter by Juli Vierthalers  Overland Park, Johnson County  See DG County-Lawrence. 
Letter by Ashley Wagner  Merriam, Johnson County  Marching band, 9/11 discussion in Geography Class, reactions. 
Letter by Christin Wagner  Shawnee, Johnson County  Story in German 
Letter by Reid Waldman  Leawood, Johnson County  Family pets: one parrot, two dogs, one fish. 
Letter by John J. Walker  Lenexa, Johnson County  9/11. Clergyman for 40 yrs. From 2 trips to Palestine, knew this would happen. 
Letter by Ethan Walston  Shawnee, Johnson County  Practice outdoor sports 
Letter by Marie H. Watson  Prairie Village, Johnson County  PV-1968-now, father born in Germany 
Letter by Jaime Weakley  Lenexa, Johnson County  Hands shook & heart thumped before singing solo. 
Letter by Lisa Weeks  Overland Park, Johnson County  10/11-Self-employed contractor at Sprint. Flying to Grand Canyon on 10/12 to tent camp. 
Letter by Kristina Weltzin  Leawood, Johnson County  Description of outfit she wore to school on 10/11, Brownie skating party. 
Letter by Sylvia R. Wendt  Merriam, Johnson County  Life-family, occupations, church and recreation. 
Letter by Ashley Wenze  Merriam, Johnson County  School subjects, friends. 
Letter by Dale Wheeler  Overland Park, Johnson County  10/11-Flying to Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Works at Sprint Corp.J1245 
Letter by Dustin Wicker  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11.Dislikes school. Likes to work at Family Tree Nursery. Plays guitar. 
Letter by Susan Wilcox  Overland Park, Johnson County  Stay-at-home mom, book store owner 
Letter by Allen Williams  Leawood, Johnson County  Mom works at Center Elementary, dad a pastor. Plays baseball, cello, gymnastics 
Letter by Claire Williams  Leawood, Johnson County  Breakfast and school day. 
Letter by Erica Williams  Overland Park, Johnson County  SM West. Friends in KCMo where she used to live. 
Letter by Lana Williamson  Olathe, Johnson County  Sh Ms South, waitress, writer, information + 
Letter by Courtney Winchester  Overland Park, Johnson County  Brookridge Elem. Dad works at Sprint, mom at United Missouri Bank. 
Letter by Joyce Wisecarver  Overland Park, Johnson County  Procter & Gamble, grandmother, volunteer 
Letter by Scott Witty  Leawood, Johnson County  Parents bought 4acres. Will build house, pool, barn for 2 horses. 
Letter by Kristin Wolkey  Overland Park, Johnson County  Student 
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