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Kansas Post Offices, 1828-1961

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County: Clay

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Post Office County Established Discontinued Notes
Gatesville  Clay  1862-06-23  1888-01-15   
Clay Center  Clay  1862-07-03  Open in 1961  Also spelled Clay Centre.  
Wyoming Valley  Clay  1865-10-16  1867-01-15  Name change to Lima.  
Lima  Clay  1867-01-15  1873-07-28  Name change from Wyoming Valley.  
Five Creeks  Clay  1868-04-24  1869-05-12  Name change to Republican City.  
Mulberry  Clay  1868-04-24  1869-11-30  Moved to Riverdale.  
Rose Vale  Clay  1869-02-25  1885-09-10  Name change to Springfield.  
Madura  Clay  1869-04-29  1871-08-25   
Republican City  Clay  1869-05-12  1875-09-20  Name change from Five Creeks.  
Fayettville  Clay  1869-06-15  1871-09-01   
Otter Creek  Clay  1869-09-24  1878-05-02   
Riverdale  Clay  1869-11-30  1875-09-27  Moved from Mulberry. Name change to Lookout.  
Wakefield  Clay  1869-12-22  Open in 1961   
Deep Creek  Clay  1870-06-13  1876-01-10   
Fancy Creek  Clay  1870-12-09  1901-04-15   
Oak Hill  Clay  1871-01-17  1894-04-21  Name change to Oakhill.  
Della  Clay  1871-02-27  1872-08-02  Name change to Morganville.  
Eagle Bend  Clay  1871-02-27  1872-08-02   
Exeter  Clay  1871-08-16  1906-05-31   
Athelstane  Clay  1872-01-31  1875-05-24   
New Grant  Clay  1872-03-11  1872-10-07   
Carter Creek  Clay  1872-04-25  1872-09-20  Established in Washington County.  
Peach Grove  Clay  1872-06-20  1885-11-24  Established in Washington County.  
Morganville  Clay  1872-08-02  Open in 1961  Name change from Della.  
Delavan  Clay  1872-08-05  1880-12-21   
Powellsburgh  Clay  1872-08-08  1881-11-02  Moved to Green.  
Lovejoy  Clay  1873-05-14  1876-02-21  Moved to Industry.  
Maple Grove  Clay  1873-05-19  1873-10-30   
Tabor  Clay  1873-06-03  1887-02-09   
Smithville  Clay  1873-08-19  1874-01-22   
Hebron  Clay  1873-09-12  1879-04-23   
Carter Creek  Clay  1874-08-12  1883-05-17  Moved to Fact.  
Leopaa  Clay  1875-05-21  1882-04-14   
Longford  Clay  1875-05-27  Open in 1961   
Lookout  Clay  1875-09-27  1877-04-23  Name change from Riverdale. Name change to Riverdale.  
Bateham  Clay  1875-11-12  1902-01-31   
Industry  Dickinson  1876-02-21  1906-11-30  Moved from Lovejoy. Was also in Clay County for a time (site moved).  
Mellon Springs  Clay  1876-02-23  1877-12-11   
Riverdale  Clay  1877-04-23  1881-03-21  Name change from Lookout. Name change to Vining.  
Athelstane  Clay  1878-03-05  1894-11-30   
Hebron  Clay  1879-06-04  1881-09-01   
Chapmanville  Clay  1879-06-17  1882-04-27  Moved to Idana.  
Vining  Clay  1881-03-21  1955-08-31  Name change from Riverdale.  
Green  Clay  1881-11-02  Open in 1961  Moved from Powellsburgh.  
Hebron  Clay  1882-03-03  1882-04-14   
Iwacura  Clay  1882-03-24  1894-06-30   
Idana  Clay  1882-04-27  1980-04-18  Moved from Chapmanville.  
Charity  Clay  1882-08-28  1893-11-15   
Fact  Clay  1883-05-17  1903-07-31  Moved from Carter Creek.  
Goshen  Clay  1883-12-05  1884-02-04   
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The Kansas Post Offices Database contains information taken from Robert W. Baughman's Kansas Post Offices, May 29, 1828-August 3, 1961, published by the Kansas Postal History Society, an affiliate of the Kansas Historical Society. It includes every known Kansas post office with its dates of operation. These dates can indicate approximately when the town was established and in some cases, when it disappeared.

The name and boundaries of some Kansas counties were still changing up to 1893. If the county where the post office was located changed, or if the town changed its name, this is noted in the "notes" field and you will need to search on the earlier or later names for additional information. If a post office was originally in Kansas Territory but became part of the new Colorado Territory on Feb. 28, 1861, the information given here ends with that date.

The information in the database is current through 3 August 1961. Post office openings, closings, and name changes since that date are currently being researched for addition to the database.

KSHS volunteers Bill and Diana Sowers, Joan Stevenson, and Louis Reed transcribed the information for this database. Melvin Bruntzel researched post-1961 changes.

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