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Archeology Collections

Archeological collections include artifacts dating between 12,000 years ago until the mid-20th century, representing the activities of prehistoric American Indians, historically documented American Indians, and Old World immigrants from the 16th century on. Prehistoric artifacts include stone and bone tools, pottery, food remains, structural remains, and personal ornaments. Historically documented collections include American Indian and Old World immigrant tools, weapons, serving vessels, and personal objects. Associated collections include casts of prehistoric American Indian rock carvings, photographs, notes and maps from archeological investigations, and biological and geological specimens related to archeological studies. These collections are available to be loaned for exhibits or for study by qualified individuals and institutions. Some artifacts in the archeological collections are on display in our museum and other museums in the state. Artifacts are divided into time periods: Paleoindian, Archaic, Early, Middle and Late Ceramic, and Historic.

Human remains also are included in the archeological collections, but these are not available for loan or study as stipulated by state and federal statutes.

The archeology collections are available to research by appointment. A listing of available research topics, with specific site collections identified, is available. Please contact 785-272-8681, ext. 151.

Kansas Historical Society archeology collections

Entry: Archeology Collections

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