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Cool Things Podcasts - 2006

Get an insider's perspective on interesting objects selected by curators at the Kansas Museum of History.

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Voted Top Museum Podcast for 2006 by MuseumPods

Key overallsKey Overalls Play Audio
Dec. 20, 2006

Key overalls, made and worn in Kansas, are the subject of this down-home podcast.
Running time 00:20:14

Coleman pocket stoveColeman Pocket Stove Play Audio
Dec. 6, 2006

American soldiers used these innovative portable stoves produced by a Wichita company during World War II.
Running time 00:09:07

Quack medical equipmentMedical Quackery Play Audio
Nov. 22, 2006

Kansas investigators confiscated this quack medical equipment with imaginative names--the Solarama, Color Therm, and Pathoclast.
Running time 00:16:32

Dumbbell used by CusterCuster's Dumbbell Play Audio
Nov. 8, 2006

Learn how spirited soldiers--among them George Armstrong Custer--adapted to an often boring frontier life.
Running time 00:14:24

Agnes the Frog protest costumeAgnes the Frog Costume Play Audio
Oct. 25, 2006

The tale of a fictitious amphibian who threw her hat into the political ring. Save the wetlands!
Running time 00:14:06

Portrait of Mark DelahayDelahay Portraits Play Audio
Oct. 11, 2006

The fascinating story of Mark Delahay--lawyer, editor, judge, opportunist, and notorious alcoholic.
Running time 00:07:48

Prisoner dollPrison Doll Play Audio
Sept. 27, 2006

This doll bears a striking resemblance to an incompetent criminal.
Running time 00:08:50

Waconda Springs drawingWaconda Springs Artwork Play Audio
Sept. 13, 2006

Was Waconda a real Indian princess or just a poor swimmer? The Kansas well she dove into was rumored to be medicinal and bottomless.
Running time 00:12:38

Horse mannequinFox the Horse Play Audio
Aug. 30, 2006

Perhaps not surprisingly, horse mannequins are a rarity in museum collections.|
Running time 00:06:52

Navajo chief's blanketChief's Blanket Play Audio
Aug. 16, 2006

This rare Navajo weaving came to Kansas via the Santa Fe Trail.
Running time 00:10:32

Travel satchelTravel Satchel Play Audio
Aug. 2, 2006

Rickshaws and 400-lb. seashells remain from the adventures of a gentleman farmer who traveled the world three times, collecting the bizarre.
Running time 00:06:46

Souvenir from 1966 Topeka tornadoTornado Relics Play Audio
Jul. 19, 2006

A massive tornado tore through Topeka in 1966. Hear about the aftermath of this devastating storm, including the relics left behind.
Running time 00:15:56

Wolf Creek power plant insigniaWolf Creek Insignia Play Audio
Jul. 5, 2006

A Native American artist designed the logo for the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant. Its central image is, of course, a wolf.
Running time 00:09:26

Electronic football gameElectronic Football Game Play Audio
Jun. 21, 2006

Some have argued that it's the worst game ever invented.
Running time 00:10:17

Southern Rights flagSouthern Rights Flag Play Audio
Jun. 7, 2006

What were Southerners doing in Kansas before the Civil War? And impress your friends by reciting the causes of the war in 10 words or less.
Running time 00:09:29

Leg braceLeg Brace Play Audio
May 24, 2006

The town of Protection, Kansas, had a role in safeguarding the world against polio.
Running time 00:08:08

DolcetteDolcette Play Audio
May 10, 2006

An unusual and uncommon musical instrument made in Kansas.
Running time 00:07:48

Mickey Mouse underwearMickey Mouse Undies Play Audio
Apr. 26, 2006

Who wore this Mickey Mouse underwear from the 1930s, and what does Walt Disney have to do with Kansas anyway?
Running time 00:08:42


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