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Desert Storm Uniform

Desert Storm uniform

A Kansan wore this uniform in Operation Desert Storm.

The Persian Gulf country of Kuwait was invaded and annexed by neighboring Iraq on August 2, 1990. Reaction was swift. The United Nations (UN) declared the annexation invalid and moved toward economic sanctions and military involvement.

The United States sent units to the Middle East in preparation for action against Iraq if a UN resolution to vacate Kuwait was not met by January 15, 1991. On January 16, U.S. Presidential Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater (a native of Abilene, Kansas) announced "The liberation of Kuwait has begun."

Troops stationed in Kansas, as well as Army and Air Force Guard and Reserve units, were among those deployed to the Middle East. The ground war, mostly bombing attacks and counterattacks, began February 23 and was over in four days with the liberation of Kuwait. The whole action was finished in less than two months, and U.S. troops began to return home on March 8.

Desert Storm buttons and badges

Nemaha County native John Winkler served in E Company, First Engineer Battalion, of the First Infantry Division out of Fort Riley. He wore the pictured shirt and hat during the ground war and at the peace talks, where the division provided security.

Also pictured are badges sold in Kansas during Desert Storm. Badges and yellow ribbons showed up everywhere in support of servicemen in the Persian Gulf.

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