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Frederick P. Stanton

Politician, acting territorial governor. Democrat. Born: December 22, 1814, Alexandria, Virginia. Died: June 4, 1894, Stanton, Florida. Served as acting territorial governor of Kansas: April 15, to May 27, 1857; November 16, to December 21, 1857.

Frederick P. StantonFrederick P. Stanton was born December 22, 1814, in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1833 he graduated from Columbian College, now George Washington University, in Washington, D.C. He taught school then practiced law in Memphis, Tennessee. Stanton was elected to Congress, representing Tennessee from March 4, 1845, to March 3, 1855.  On April 1, 1857, Stanton succeeded Daniel Woodson as secretary of Kansas Territory, a position he held until December 21. In the days before Robert J. Walker arrived to serve as the fourth territorial governor, Stanton served as acting territorial governor of Kansas from April 15 to May 27, 1857.  During his inaugural address he said he hoped voters would have a fair and safe opportunity to decide the question of slavery. He pushed for amnesty for those involved in the violence that did not do so for personal gain. His vow to enforce the laws of the territorial (so-called bogus) legislature met with criticism of the free-state supporters. Walker soon resigned in opposition to the Lecompton Constitution. Stanton served again from November 16 to December 21, 1857, until the arrival of the new territorial governor, James W. Denver. Following his term as acting governor in Kansas Territory, Stanton returned to Virginia and finally settled in Florida where he died June 4, 1894.

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