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Kansas Creed

Published in 1936 by the Kansas Secretary of State, the Kansas Creed was written by Charles Moreau Harger. Harger came to Kansas in the 1880s and became editor of the Abilene Reflector. He later served as a director and lecturer in the department of journalism in the University of Kansas.

We believe in Kansas, in the glory of her prairies, in the richness of her soil, in the beauty of her skies, and in the healthfulness of her climate.

We believe in the Kansas people, in their sturdy faith, and abounding enthusiasm; in their patriotism and their fidelity to the good things of civilization; in their respect for law and their love of justice; in their courage and zeal; in their independence and in their devotion to uplifting influences in education and religion.

We believe in Kansas institutions; in the Kansas language and in the Kansas ideals in her cleanliness of society, and in her demands that honor, sobriety and respect be maintained in public and private life; in her marvelous productiveness and in her wonderful future.

Entry: Kansas Creed

Author: Kansas Historical Society

Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history.

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