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Music has long been important to those who live in the state. Settlers who came to Kanas brought with them portable instruments including violins and dolcettes. Cowboy bands were some of the earliest organized musical groups in the state.

The Kansas legislature added two Kansas marches and a song to the list of state symbols. Music became an essential part of programming for radio stations. Artists found opportunities to perform on this new medium, and many groups were born as a result.

Kansas has produced a number of well-known musicians including composers, singers, directors, opera singers, country artists, and rock bands.

The Kansas Historical Society’s collections include many items associated with music.

Army Hit Kit Baby Dead Carmencita
Army Hit Kit, 1944, 2012.54.2 Baby Dear by Maude Mitchell, 1930s Carmencita by Henry Worrall, 1896
Square Dancing Records Toy guitar Kansas band platinum record
Square Dancing Records, 1956, 2002.64.8 Toy guitar, 1950s, 1987.190.32 Kansas band platinum record, 1979

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