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Peter Felten

Pete FeltenWhen he first took hammer and chisel in hand as a young man in 1957, Pete Felten knew he wanted to carve limestone. A native of Hays, Felten quickly became interested in the characteristics of the stone. He became familiar with the regional differences in hardness, color, and texture. He learned to appreciate the fossil record that he revealed as he worked with the stone.

Throughout Ellis County, Felten’s work can be seen depicting local history and daily life. The more than 28 examples in the county include many well-known figures like Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Elizabeth Polly, a hospital matron at Fort Hays He also created four statues for the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. With his hammer and chisel, Felten continues to create new sculptures every day in his Stone Gallery in Hays.

Entry: Felten, Peter

Author: Kansas Historical Society

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