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Valentine Diners - Kansas - Horace

66 Grill diner


  • Business name: 66 Grill
  • Street address: Unknown
  • Open or closed: Closed; scrapped
  • History: This diner, last seen in a scrapyard at Horace, may have traveled to St. Francis and Lamar, Colorado, before coming to this western Kansas town.
  • For much of its time, it was likely on the east side of nearby Tribune as a grill for a Phillips 66 gas station. It may have been known as the 66 Grill, the Duck Inn (where it allegedly had papier-maché ducks along the roof line--although they didn't last in wet weather), and the Top Lunch. In the scrapyard, the latter name could still be seen, although faded, on the parapet above the main door. The building probably dates from 1948. It was scrapped around the year 2000.

  • Model / serial number: Aristocrat / 579

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Entry: Valentine Diners - Kansas - Horace

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