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Valentine Diners - Kansas - Liberal

Bob's Diner


  • Business name: Bob's Diner
  • Street address: 1032 N. Kansas Avenue
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: This 1957 Valentine is the home of the Big Jack Burger (three hamburger patties on a 6-inch bun) and the Super Jack Burger (four patties), Carl's Famous Chili, chicken fry sandwich, as well as old-fashioned milk shakes and malts.
  • Previously owned by Bob Glassey (1957-1961) and Carl Rich (1961-1991). Currently owned by Dianna Caldwell, who purchased it in February 1991. Bob's has a number of features typical of the diner atmosphere. Its mascot is a grey rubber mouse that sits under the soft drink dispenser. There are the usual good-natured barbs that are traded between the staff and the regulars, such as "Where else can we go and get this kind of abuse and be charged for it, too?" The regulars also have renamed the diner "Dianna's Dump." It is also the place where the local businessmen can receive messages, and when someone is ill, a flower fund is maintained and cards are sent.

  • Model / serial number: Little Chef / Unknown

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Entry: Valentine Diners - Kansas - Liberal

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