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Valentine Diners - Kansas - Wellington

Wellington diner.


  • Business name: E.T.C. Pet Grooming
  • Street address: 224 S. Washington
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: According to previous owner Max Shields, this diner was placed on the site in the early 1950s. Bought in Wichita and moved to Wellington by Matt and Sybil Dwyer, it was then called Dwyer's Swing In. After a year in business, the Dwyers constructed an addition onto the rear.
  • The building was operated as a cafe until 1984; in addition to the Dwyers, it was operated by the Whitaker family, the Jimenez family, Terry Chamberlin, Dorothy Engel, the Washington family, Dee Miller, and Bill and Sharon Palmer (in order of succession). The Jimenez family operated the cafe as the Spanish Kitchen between 1973 and 1976. The Palmers called it the B & S Cafe and opened it in 1983. Shields bought the building from the Palmers in 1984, removed the restaurant fixtures, and opened Shields Barber Shop. Of interest is the wall safe, which reads "LICENSED FOR OPERATION BY Valentine System. MFG. BY THE HAYES EQUIP. MFG. CO. WICHITA KAN." This would suggest the building pre-dates World War II and was in use in Wichita before being purchased by the Dwyers. The building currently is operated as E.T.C. Pet Grooming.

  • Model / serial number: Unknown / V-133
  • Additional images:
    Shields Barber Shop (exterior), 2002
    Spanish Kitchen (exterior), 1970s
    Wall safe


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Entry: Valentine Diners - Kansas - Wellington

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