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A.J. Harwi Hardware Company Building

Picture of property 832 Commercial Street
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 2021-06-07

Architect: Not listed
Category: warehouse; commerce

The Harwi Hardware Company constructed this building in 1907 as their fourth and largest facility. A.J. Harwi established a retail hardware business in Atchison in 1875, but by 1880, the company had entered into wholesale hardware distribution. This building represents the apex of the A.J. Harwi Hardware Company, considered one of the significant jobbing businesses in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Atchison. The company remained in this warehouse until the Great Depression when the business closed. The four-story brick and timber building is an excellent example of an early twentieth century commercial warehouse of mill construction built in downtown Atchison, Kansas. Although a common type of construction at the turn-of-thetwentieth century, the Harwi Building is one of the few remaining examples of its type in downtown Atchison. This remains the only building in Atchison directly associated with the company.

Atchison County Courthouse

Picture of property 423 N 5th St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 1975-04-16

Architect: George P. Washburn
Category: courthouse

Built in 1896, the Atchison County Courthouse was designed by George P. Washburn and is an example of Romanesque-style architecture. This three-story building is built of gray ashlar stone, and a seven-story clock tower dominates the front facade. The courthouse is in the areas of local government and architecture.

Atchison County Memorial Hall (Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall)

Picture of property 819 Commercial St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 2007-04-18

Architect: Rudolph Meier
Category: auditorium

Built in 1922, the Atchison County Memorial Hall is a two-story buff brick Neoclassical-style building. A full-height porch supported by classical columns adorns the front facade as well as symmetrically balanced windows and entrance doors that reflect the architectural style. A variety of traveling theater companies performed in the facility during the 1920s and 1930s and celebrity appearances continued through the decades. Meeting spaces for both the white and black American Legion posts were also located in the building. The building, which is also known as the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, is significant in the areas of entertainment and architecture.

Atchison Post Office

Picture of property 621 Kansas
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 1972-03-16

Architect: Willoughby J. Edbrooke
Category: post office

With the assistance of U. S. Senator John J. Ingalls, a native of Atchison, Congress authorized the construction of the Atchison Post Office in May 1890, and work began in 1892. This Romanesque-style building is built of coursed ashlar limestone and features a prominent round corner tower with a conical top. The building is locally significant in the area of architecture.

Atchison Santa Fe Freight Depot

Picture of property 200 S Tenth St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 2001-10-11

Architect: Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad Company
Category: rail-related
Thematic Nomination: Historic Railroad Resources of Kansas

The Atchison Santa Fe Freight Depot, built in 1880, is a masonry building constructed with quarry-faced ashlar stone of contrasting corner quoins and fenestration surrounds. The building has two main sections - a two-story office on the west end and a one-story freight section on the east. The building was nominated as part of the "Historic Railroad Resources of Kansas" multiple property nomination and is locally significant for its architecture and transportation history.

Baker, Francis and Harriet, House

Picture of property 823 N 5th St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 2003-08-28

Architect: Walter C. Root
Category: single dwelling

The Baker House is a large three-story stone residence that was designed by Kansas City-based architect Walter C. Root and completed in 1902. The house has an asymmetrical cube design and reflects a regional interpretation of the Mission style. There is a two-story carriage house that originally contained horse stalls on the ground floor with living quarters above and the home's heating equipment below in the basement. The property is locally significant in the area of architecture.

Benedictine College North Campus Historic Complex

Picture of property
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 1982-03-17

Architect: Francis Himpler, Alfred Meier
Category: religious facility; college

Bolman, George T. and Minnie Searles, House

Picture of property 418 N 4th St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 2006-05-17

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

The Bolman House, constructed in 1912, is a two-and a-half-story residence clad in white stucco. It is simple in design and is representative of the Colonial Revival style with Craftsman details, including woodwork, leaded glass, and glazed tile. The Bolmans were an affluent family with roots in Atchison, beginning with Mrs. Bolman's father, Gaylord Wood Searles. The house is significant for its architecture.

Braun, Henry, House

Picture of property 1307 Division St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 2006-05-17

Architect: Henry Braun
Category: single dwelling

The Henry Braun house is a two-story Queen Anne-style cottage and built by the owner, Henry Braun. Braun built the house in 1884, remodeling and expanding the house in the early 1900s. The house has clapboard siding with chamfered bays on the south and east facades. Braun also designed and/or built approximately 100 Atchison homes. The house is significant as an example of a self-built home in the Queen Anne style constructed by one of Atchison's most prolific builders.

Brown, J.P., House

Picture of property 805 N 4th St
Atchison (Atchison County)
Listed in National Register 1975-04-14

Architect: J. P. Brown
Category: single dwelling

Built in 1879 for John P. Brown, this two-story brick residence exhibits charatersitics of the Queen Anne style. Brown was a successful railroad contractor and businessman who obtained contracts for many of the early railroads in northeast Kansas. The house is significant for its architecture and its association with Brown and the early commerce of Atchison.

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