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Curtis, Charles, House

Picture of property 1101 Topeka Ave
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 1973-01-25

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

Curtis Junior High School

Picture of property 316 NW Grant St
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 2001-10-22

Architect: Williamson, Thomas W.
Category: school

The Curtis Junior High School was designed in the English Collegiate Gothic style by Topeka architect Thomas W. Williamson. It was built in 1927 and named for Topekan Charles Curtis, then serving in the US Senate. Williamson and his firm specialized in designing schools and other public buildings. He was involved with the design of more than 175 school buildings during his practice from 1912 to 1970. The building was used as a junior high school until its closing in 1976. For the next 10 years it housed a private academy, but since then it has been vacant. It was nominated for its local significance in the area of architecture.

Davies Building

Picture of property 725-727 Kansas Ave
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 1977-09-15

Architect: Not listed
Category: professional; specialty store; business

Devon Apartments

Picture of property 800-808 W 12th St
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 2002-06-27

Architect: Not listed
Category: multiple dwelling

Dillon House

Picture of property 404 W 9th St
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 2006-12-27

Architect: Henry Bennett
Category: professional; business

The Dillon House is significant for its association with locally prominent attorney, businessman, and philanthropist Hirom Price Dillon and as an excellent example of an Italian Renaissance Revival house. This is one of the last remaining important architectural structures from the pre-WWI era of Topeka. Today the house functions as an event space and offices.

Dr. Karl & Jeanetta Lyle Menninger Education Center

Picture of property 2209 SW 29th St
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 2020-03-26

Category: clinic

East Topeka Junior High School

Picture of property 1210 E 8th St
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 2004-01-23

Architect: Cuthbert and Suehrk; Walter Glover
Category: school
Thematic Nomination: New Deal-era Resources of Kansas

Elks Club Building

Picture of property 122 W 7th St
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in State Register 1980-12-10

Architect: William Sayler and Herbert Seddin
Category: meeting hall

England Farm

Picture of property 4619 SE 37th
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 1982-05-07

Architect: Not listed
Category: agricultural outbuilding; single dwelling; storage

Evergreen Court Apartments

Picture of property 3311-3321 SW 10th Ave
Topeka (Shawnee County)
Listed in National Register 2021-04-02

Architect: Not listed
Category: domestic; multiple dwelling

The Evergreen Court Apartments were constructed in 1937. The building is an excellent local example of the Spanish Revival style, which is classified as a Late 19th to Early 20th Century style occurring between 1915-1940. The building retains a high level of integrity on the exterior and interior, which portrays its original design and construction. Its period of significance are the years of construction 1936-7. Key features of the property are its pedimented archways, tile roofing, and terra cotta accents. The Evergreen Court Apartments are a good example of the type, period, and method of construction. The Spanish Revival style influenced by the revivals of the Arts and Crafts movement was popular at the time of construction. These Depression-era or inter-war apartment buildings were constructed out of necessity for affordable housing and were designed to be simple and utilitarian. Sitting in its original setting, the building remains in its original location and retains its historic integrity and character-defining features.

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