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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Chief Theater

Picture of property 122 East Main Street
Coldwater (Comanche County)
Listed in National Register Feb 9, 2005

Architect: Not listed
Category: recreational district
Thematic Nomination: Historic Theaters and Opera Houses of Kansas

Situated in downtown Coldwater, the Chief Theater is a two-story brick, two-part commercial building with a vernacular design made to accommodate its use as a movie theater. Constructed in 1928, architect Paul E. Gossett designed the building and Thomas H. Howard was the contractor. R. E. McGaully designed the interior's Native American theme. The theater was nominated as part of the "Historic Theaters and Opera Houses of Kansas Multiple Property Submission" for its architecture and its association with local recreation history. It was also nominated for its historical context as defined within the same multiple property submission under "Historical Development of Public Entertainment in Kansas 1854-1954."

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