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1870 Kansas Federal Census

Kansas 1870 census pageThe federal Bureau of the Census conducted a census of the state in 1860.

Information contained in 1870 federal census
Indexes to 1870 federal census
Microfilm of 1870 federal census schedules

Information Contained in the Census

All members of household by name, including age, sex, race or color, occupation, ability to read and write, state or country of birth, value of real estate and personal property, and whether the parents were foreign-born. Also listed: whether the individual was blind, deaf-mute, insane, or idiotic. For males over 21, the census also lists whether they were U.S. citizens, and whether their right to vote had been denied on grounds other than rebellion or crime.

Special Note: Two sets of the census schedules exist for 1870. The set available from KSHS is the one retained by the state government; the other was sent to Washington and is available through the National Archives. Page numbers do not match between the two sets. The printed state-wide index in the library collections is based on the National Archives film.

1870 Federal Census Indexes


Printed Indexes

Printed indexes to the microfilm available from the National
Archives are available in the Historical Society's reference room.

  • Entire state (reference shelf)
  • Mortality schedule compilation (reference shelf)
  • Bourbon County (call no. K 929.4 -B66 1870)
  • Crawford County (call no. K 929.4 -C85 1870)
  • Davis (Geary) County (call no. K 929.4 -G26 1870)
  • Dickinson County (call no. K 929.4 -D56 1870)
  • Doniphan County (call no. K 929.4 -D7 1870)
  • Greenwood County (call no. K 929.4 -G85 1870)
  • Johnson County (call no. K 929.4 -J63 1870)
  • Lane County (call no. K 929.4 -L24 1920)
  • Montgomery County, Cherry Township (call no. K 929.4 -M76 1870-1900)
  • Pottawatomie County (call no. K 929.4 -P85 1870)
  • Riley County (call no. K 929.4 -R45 1855-1880)
  • Saline County (call no. K 929.4 -Sa3 1870)
  • Saline County (call no. K 929.4 -Sa3 C917 1870)
  • Sedgwick County (call no. K 929.4 -Se2 1870)
  • Smith County (call no. K 929.4 -Sm5 1870-1880)
  • Wabaunsee County (call no. K 929.4 -W11 1870)

Census Microfilm

The 1870 federal census schedules on microfilm circulate through interlibrary loan from the KSHS. Please indicate the year and reel number when requesting microfilm.

Population Schedules

  • K-1 Allen and Anderson Counties
  • K-2 Atchison and Barton [Rush] Counties
  • K-3 Bourbon and Brown Counties
  • K-4 Butler, Chase, Cherokee and Clay Counties
  • K-5 Cloud, Coffey,Cowley and Crawford Counties
  • Davis County - no census
  • K-6 Dickinson and Doniphan Counties
  • K-7 Douglas County
  • K-8 Ellis, Ellsworth, Ford, Franklin and Greenwood Counties
  • K-9 Howard, Jackson and Jefferson Counties
  • K-10 Jewell, Johnson and Labette Counties
  • K-11 Leavenworth County (city of Leavenworth and the Military Reservation)
  • K-12 Leavenworth (townships) and Lincoln Counties
  • K-13 Linn and Lyon Counties
  • K-14 McPherson, Marion, Marshall and Miami Counties
  • K-15 Mitchell, Montgomery, Morris and Nemaha Counties
  • K-16 Neosho, Ness and Osage Counties
  • K-17 Osborne, Ottawa, Pawnee, Pottawatomie, Republic, Rice, Riley, Russell and Saline Counties
  • Rush County - use Barton County
  • K-18 Sedgwick, Shawnee and Smith Counties
  • K-19 Sumner, Trego, Wabaunsee, Wallace, Washington, Wilson and Woodson Counties
  • K-20 Wyandotte County

Special Schedules

  • K-21 Industry and Agriculture Statistics
  • K-22 Social Statistics and Mortality Schedules

Agricultural Schedules

For each farm of three acres or more, or with an annual production of at least $500, these list the owner, agent, or tenant and have information about the acreage, farm machinery, crops, and livestock.

  • K-40 Allen - Cloud Counties
  • K-41 Coffey - Douglas Counties
  • K-42 Ellsworth - Leavenworth Counties
  • K-43 Lincoln - Neosho Counties
  • K-44 Osage - Wyandotte Counties
  • K-45 Census Enumeration District Descriptions