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1895 Kansas State Census

Kansas 1895 census pageThe State Board of Agriculture conducted a census of the state in 1895.

Contents of 1895 state census
Indexes to 1895 state census
Microfilm of census schedules

Kansans may access the 1895 census online free through our partnership with Ancestry.com.  You need to verify your Kansas driver's license to access the census.

Information contained in the census

The 1895 census lists all members of household by name, including age, sex, race or color, and state or country of birth. Also listed: where from to Kansas (state or country) and military record (condition of discharge, state of enlistment, letter or name of company or command, number of regiment or other organization to which attached, arm of the service, and name of military prison if confined in one).

Special Note

To quote from the 1895-96 biennial report of the State Board of Agriculture, which conducted the census:

Owing to delay by the legislature in the appropriation of funds for printing the necessary blanks for use of assessors, these could not be delivered to them until two or three weeks later than the law requires assessment and enumeration to begin, and this fact resulted in much of the detailed information being hurriedly or carelessly collected, and in some cases entirely omitted.

The assessors of Comanche, Finney, Saline and Seward counties, countenanced by their county commissioners in so doing, used the unfortunate delay as a pretext for refusing to make any enumeration whatever, and the returns from portions of Atchison, Cherokee, Gove, Lyon and Marion counties especially, and various others in some respects and to some extent, are for the same reasons so incomplete as to make their showing, not only for their respective counties but for the state as a whole, very unsatisfactory to this office ...

Indexes Available Online

This online index is an ongoing volunteer project.

Counties completely indexed as of November 2005:
Allen, Atchison, Barber, Barton, Chase, Clark, Edwards, Ellis, Gove, Greeley, Greenwood, Harper, Haskell, Hodgeman, Jackson, Jefferson, Kearny, Kiowa, Labette, Lane, Lincoln, Marion, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morton, Osage, Pratt, Rawlins, Republic, Rush, Russell, Scott, Sedgwick (including the city of Wichita), Thomas, Trego, Wabaunsee, Wallace, Wichita, and Woodson.

Counties that are partially indexed:
Anderson, Butler, Gray, Lyon, Norton, Phillips, Reno, Shawnee, and Sumner. The city of Topeka (Shawnee County) is in process; a complete Topeka index is available only on microfilm (see list below.)

To search the online index, enter a surname and/or a county, township, or city, and click "Search". First names may also be entered; however, many individuals were listed only by their initials.

Surname: First Name:
Use Soundex? [Soundex finds names that sound similar, although not spelled the same, as for example Turner, Terner, and Trimmer, or Watson and Whitson.]
City/Township: County:

Indexes on Microfilm

Indexes for Clay and Ness counties and the cities of Topeka and Fort Scott, and Soldier and Topeka townships in Shawnee county are available on microfilm. This microfilm circulates through interlibrary loan from KSHS. Please list the year and reel number when placing an interlibrary loan request.

1895 Index - Clay & Ness Counties

  • KS-1 Abby, Julie M. - Bewly, Robert
  • KS-2 Biehl, Alice - Colvin
  • KS-3 Combest, C.C. - Guy, John M.
  • KS-4 Guy, Nettie - Louthian, W.A.
  • KS-5 Love, Maria - Roenigk, Anna M.
  • KS-6 Roenigk, Danial J. - White, A.C.
  • KS-7 White, A.E. - Zumpfe, Mary

1895 Index - City of Fort Scott

  • KS-8 Abbott, Addie - Gist, Pearl
  • KS-9 Gitchel, Cora - Osborn, Charles
  • KS-10 Osborn, Elsie - Wold, Martha G.
  • KS-11 Wood, Annie - Zimmerman, Ray

1895 Index - City of Topeka, Topeka Township & Soldier Township, all in Shawnee County

  • KS-11 Unknown surname, Minnie - Brenner, Gilbert
  • KS-12 Brenner, Irene - Culver E.A.
  • KS-13 Culver, M.L. - Emert, M.A.
  • KS-14 Emery, Alice - Harding, M.C.
  • KS-15 Harding, Makhon - Jones, Hattie
  • KS-16 Jones, Hazeh - McLamore, W.
  • KS-17 McLaughlan, Anne B. - Olson, Neil
  • KS-18 Olson, Nelo B. - Sampey, Mirtle
  • KS-19 Sampson, J.A. - Sturgess, Mary J.
  • KS-20 Suan (see Swan) - Willaims, Nettie
  • KS-21 Williams, Nicey - Zook, Zella Nancy

Printed Indexes

Available in the Historical Society's reference room.

  • Atchison County, City of Atchison (call no. K 929.4 -At2 1895)
  • Clay County (call no. K 929.4 -C57 1895)
  • Crawford County, City of Pittsburg (card index)
  • Montgomery County, Cherry Township (call no. K 929.4 -M76 1870-1900)
  • Montgomery County, W. Cherry Township (call no. K 929.4 -M76 1880-1900)
  • Phillips County, Prairie View Township (call no. 978.1 -P54 P884, pgs. 371-382)
  • Reno County, City of Hutchinson (card index)
  • Riley County (call no. K 929.4 -R45 1895)
  • Thomas County (card index)
  • Trego County (card index)
  • Wilson County (call no. 929.4 -W69 1895)

Census Microfilm

The 1895 state census circulates through interlibrary loan from KSHS. Please indicate year and reel number when requesting microfilm. Some counties are incomplete or missing, as indicated above.

  • K-1 Allen County [Twps. A-Z]
  • K-2 Allen County cities of Elsmore, Humboldt, Iola, Moran & Savonburg and Anderson County [Twps. A-N]
  • K-3 Anderson County [Colony, Garnett, Greeley, Kincaid, & Twps. O-Z]
  • K-4 Atchison County [Twps. A-Z] - census is not complete.
  • K-5 Atchison city [Atchison Co.] - census is not complete
  • K-6 Barber County
  • K-7 Barton County [Twps. A-O]
  • K-8 Barton [Claflin, Ellinwood, Great Bend, Hoisington, Pawnee Rock, & Twps. P-Z] and Bourbon [Twps. A-L] Counties
  • K-9 Bourbon County [Twps. M-S]
  • K-10 Bourbon County [Twps. T-Z, Bronson, Fort Scott, & Fulton]
  • K-11 Brown County [Twps. A-P]
  • K-12 Brown County [Twps. Po-Z, Baker, Hiawatha, Everest, Horton, Morrill & Willis]
  • K-13 Butler County [Twps. A-L]
  • K-14 Butler County [Twps. M-Z & Augusta]
  • K-15 Butler County cities of Brainerd, Douglas, El Dorado, Leon & Whitewater and Chase County [Twps. A-Z]
  • K-16 Chase County cities of Cottonwood Falls, Strong City & Matfield Green and Chautauqua County [Twps. A-La]
  • K-17 Chautauqua [Twps. Li-Z, Cedar Vale & Sedan] and Cherokee [Twps. A-F] Counties - Cherokee Co. census is incomplete
  • K-18 Cherokee County [Twps. G-M] - census is incomplete
  • K-19 Cherokee County [Twps. N-Z] - census is incomplete
  • K-20 - number skipped, no reel of microfilm
  • K-21 Cherokee cities of Columbus, Baxter Springs & Empire and Cheyenne County [Twps. A-M] - Cherokee County census is incomplete.
  • K-22 Cheyenne [Twps. N-Z & Bird City], Clark and Clay [Twps. A-Ch] Counties
  • K-23 Clay County [Twps. Cl-Z]
  • K-24 Clay County cities of Clay Center, Clifton, Green, Idana, Morganville, Vining & Wakefield and Cloud County [Twps. A-C]
  • K-25 Cloud County [Twps. Co-Sh]
  • K-26 Cloud County [Twps. Si-Z, Clyde, Concordia, Glasco, Jamestown & Miltonvale]
  • K-27 Coffey County [Twps. A-P]
  • K-28 Coffey County [Twps. Po-Z, Aliceville, Burlington, Gridley, Lebo, LeRoy and Waverly
  • K-29 Cowley County [Twps. A-O]
  • K-30 Cowley County [Twps. P-Z]
  • K-31 Cowley County cities of Arkansas City, Burden, Dexter, Gueda Springs and Winfield
  • K-32 Crawford County [Twps. A-N]
  • K-33 Crawford County [Twps. O-Z]
  • K-34 Crawford County cities of Alston, Arcadia, Cherokee, Chiopee, Frontenac, Girard, Hepler, Litchfield, McCune, Midway and Mulberry
  • K-35 Crawford and [Pittsburg and Walnut] Decatur [Twps. A-E] Counties
  • K-36 Decatur County [Twps. F-Z, Norcatur & Oberlin]
  • K-37 Dickinson County [Abilene, Chapman, Enterprise, Hope, Solomon, Herrington & Twps. A-E]
  • K-38 Dickinson County [Twps. F-Li]
  • K-39 Dickinson County [Twps. Lo-Z], and Doniphan County cities of Elwood-Troy, Highland, Leona, Severance & Wathena
  • K-40 Doniphan County [White Cloud & Twps. A-V]
  • K-41 Doniphan County [Twps. W-Z], and Douglas County cities of Baldwin City, Eudora, & Lawrence, wards 1-2
  • K-42 Douglas County [Lawrence, wards 3-6, Lecompton & Twps. A-K]
  • K-43 Douglas County [Twps. L-Z]
  • K-44 Edwards County, and the Elk County cities of Elk Falls, Grenola, Howard, Longton, Moline & Oak Valley
  • K-45 Elk County [Twps. A-Z]
  • K-46 Ellis County
  • K-47 Ellsworth County [Ellsworth, Kanopolis & Twps. A-O]
  • K-48 Ellsworth [Twps. P-Z] and Ford Counties
  • K-49 Franklin County [Ottawa, Pomona, Wellsville & Twps. A-E]
  • K-50 Franklin County [Twps. F-P]
  • K-51 Franklin County [Twps. Po-Z] and Junction City [Geary Co.]
  • K-52 Geary [Twps. A-Z], and Gove Counties - Gove County census is incomplete
  • K-53 Graham and Grant Counties
  • K-54 Gray and Greeley Counties; and Greenwood County cities of Eureka, Fall River, Madison & Severy
  • K-55 Greenwood County [Twps. A-P]
  • K-56 Greenwood [Twps. Q-Z] and Hamilton Counties
  • K-57 Harper County [Anthony, Attica, Bluff City, Harper & Twps. A-O]
  • K-58 Harper [Twps. P-Z] and Harvey [Burrton, Halstead, Hesston, Sedgwick, Walton & Newton] Counties
  • K-59 Harvey County [Twps. A-M]
  • K-60 Harvey [Twps. A-M], Haskell and Hodgeman Counties
  • K-61 Jackson County [Circleville, Holton, Netawaka, Whiting & Twps. A-E]
  • K-62 Jackson County [Twps. F-So]
  • K-63 Jackson [Twps. St-Z] and Jefferson [McLouth, Meriden, Nortonville, Oskaloosa, Perry, Valley Falls, Winchester & Twps. A-I] Counties
  • K-64 Jefferson County [Twps. J-Ro]
  • K-65 Jefferson [Twps. Ru-Z] and Jewell [Burr Oak, Jewell, Mankato, Webber & Twps. A-B] Counties
  • K-66 Jewell County [Twps. C-L]
  • K-67 Jewell County [Twps. M-Z]
  • K-68 Johnson County [Edgerton, Gardner, Olathe, Spring Hill & Twps. A-Mi]
  • K-69 Johnson [Twps. Mo-Z] and Kearney Counties
  • K-70 Kingman County [Kingman & Twps. A-Ro]
  • K-71 Kingman [Twps. Ru-Z] and Kiowa Counties
  • K-72 Labette County cities of Chetopa, Mound Valley, Oswego & Parsons
  • K-73 Labette County [Twps. A-Mon]
  • K-74 Labette County [Altamont & Twps. Mou-Z]
  • K-75 Lane County, and Leavenworth County cities of Lansing, Linwood, Tonganoxie, and Leavenworth, wards 1-2
  • K-76 Leavenworth city, wards 3-6 [Leavenworth Co.]
  • K-77 Leavenworth County [Twps. A-R]
  • K-78 Leavenworth [Twps. S-Z] and Lincoln [Lincoln & Twps. A-D] Counties
  • K-79 Lincoln County [Twps. E-Z]
  • K-80 Linn County [Blue Mound, LaCygne, Mound City, Pleasanton & Twps. A-Lib]
  • K-81 Linn County [Twps. Lin-Z]
  • K-82 Logan County and Lyon County cities of Americus, Hartford & Reading - Lyon County census is incomplete.
  • K-83 Lyon County [Emporia & Twps. A-D] - census is incomplete
  • K-84 Lyon County [Twps. E-O] - census is incomplete
  • K-85 Lyon County [Twps. P-Z] and McPherson County cities of Canton, Galva, Inman, Lindsborg & McPherson - Lyon County census is incomplete.
  • K-86 McPherson County [Marquette, Moundridge, Winsom & Twps. A-I]
  • K-87 McPherson County [Twps. J-Sm]
  • K-88 McPherson [Twps. So-Z] and Marion [FlorEnce, Hillsboro, Marion, Peabody & Twps. A-C] Counties - Marion County census is incomplete
  • K-89 Marion County [Twps. D-R] - census is incomplete
  • K-90 Marshall County cities of Axtell, Beattie, Blue Rapids, Frankfort, Irving, Marysville, Oketo, Summerfield, & Vermillion
  • K-91 Marshall County [Twps. A-F]
  • K-92 Marshall County [Twps. G-R]
  • K-93 Marshall [Twps. S-Z] and Meade Counties
  • K-94 Miami County [Louisburg, Osawatomie, Paola & Twps. A-Mi]
  • K-95 Miami County [Twps. Mo-S]
  • K-96 Miami [Twps. T-Z] and Mitchell [Beloit, Cawker City, Glen Elder & Twps. A-B] Counties
  • K-97 Mitchell County [Twps. C-Z]
  • K-98 Montgomery County cities of Caney, Cherryvale, Coffeyville, Elk City, Independence & Liberty
  • K-99 Montgomery County [Twps. A-O]
  • K-100 Montgomery [Twps. P-Z] and Morris [Council Grove, Dunlap, Dwight, Parkville, White, Wilsey & Twps. A-D] Counties
  • K-101 Morris [Twps. E-Z] and Morton Counties
  • K-102 Nemaha County [Centralia, Corning, Goffs, Oneida, Sabetha, Seneca, Wetmore & Twps. A-Ce]
  • K-103 Nemaha County [Twps. Cl-M]
  • K-104 Nemaha County [Twps. N-Z]
  • K-105 Neosho County [Chanute, Erie, Osage Mission & Twps. A-Ca]
  • K-106 Neosho County [Thayer & Twps. Ce-R]
  • K-107 Neosho [Twps. S-Z] and Ness Counties
  • K-108 Norton County [Almora, Lenora, Norton and Twps. A-N]
  • K-109 Norton County [Twps. O-Z], and Osage County cities of Burlingame, Carbondale, Lyndon, Melvern & Osage City
  • K-110 Osage County [Overbrook, Peterson, Quenemo, Scranton & Twps. A-C]
  • K-111 Osage County [Twps. D-Q]
  • K-112 Osage [Twps. R-Z] and Osborne [Alton, Downs, Osborne, Portis & Twps. A-B] Counties
  • K-113 Osborne County [Twps. C-Q]
  • K-114 Osborne County [Twps. R-Z], and Ottawa County cities of Bennington, Delphos, Minneapolis & Tescott
  • K-115 Ottawa County [Twps. A-L]
  • K-116 Ottawa [Twps. M-Z] and Pawnee [Larned & Twps. A-K] Counties
  • K-117 Pawnee [Twps. L-Z] and Phillips [Kirwin, Logan, Phillipsburg & Twps. A-B] Counties
  • K-118 Phillips County [Twps. C-Po]
  • K-119 Phillips County [Twps. Pr-Z], and Pottawatomie County cities of Havensville, Louisville, Olesburg, Onaga, St. Marys & Wamego
  • K-120 Pottawatomie County [Westmoreland & Twps. A-L]
  • K-121 Pottawatomie County [Twps. M-Z]
  • K-122 Pratt County
  • K-123 Rawlins County
  • K-124 Reno County cities of Arlington, Nickerson, South Hutchinson, Sylvia & Hutchinson
  • K-125 Reno County [Twps. A-Ho]
  • K-126 Reno County [Twps. Hu-S]
  • K-127 Reno [Twps. T-Z] and Republic [Belleville, Courtland, Cuba, Republic, Scandia & Twps. A-D] Counties
  • K-128 Republic County [Twps. E-M]
  • K-129 Republic County [Twps. N-Z]
  • K-130 Rice County [Geneseo, Little River, Lyons, Sterling & Twps. A-L]
  • K-131 Rice County [Twps. M-Z]
  • K-132 Riley County [Leonardville, Manhattan, Ogden, Randolph & Twps. A-L]
  • K-133 Riley [Twps. M-Z] and Rooks [Plainville, Stockton & Twps. A-E] Counties
  • K-134 Rooks County [Twps. F-Z]
  • K-135 Rush County
  • K-136 Russell County
  • K-137 Scott County and Sedgwick County cities of Cheney, Clearwater, Colwich, Mt. Hope, Mulvane, Valley Center & Wichita, ward 1
  • K-138 Wichita, wards 2-5 [Sedgwick Co.]
  • K-139 Sedgwick County [Twps. A-H]
  • K-140 Sedgwick County [Twps. I-Q]
  • K-141 Sedgwick County [Twps. R-Z]
  • K-142 Topeka, ward 1 and part of ward 2 [Shawnee Co.]
  • K-143 Topeka, part of ward 2, wards 3-5 [Shawnee Co.]
  • K-144 Shawnee County [Topeka, wards 3 & 5, Rossville, Silver Lake, & Twps. A-L]
  • K-145 Shawnee County [Twps. M-S]
  • K-146 Shawnee [Twps. T-Z] and Sheridan [Hoxie & Twps. A-R] Counties
  • K-147 Sheridan [Twps. S-Z] and Sherman Counties
  • K-148 Smith County [Gaylord, Kinsington, Lebanon, Smith Center & Twps. A-G]
  • K-149 Smith County [Twps. H-U]
  • K-150 Smith [Twps. V-Z] and Stafford [Macksville, St. John, Stafford & Twps. A-K] Counties
  • K-151 Stafford [Twps. L-Z], Stanton and Stevens Counties
  • K-152 Sumner County cities of Argonia, Belle Plain, Caldwell, Conway Springs, Geuda Springs, Hunnwell, Mulvane, Oxford, South Haven and Wellington.
  • K-153 Sumner County [Twps. A-G]
  • K-154 Sumner County [Twps. H-U]
  • K-155 Sumner [Twps. V-Z] and Thomas Counties
  • K-156 Trego and Wabaunsee [Alma, Eskridge & Twps. A-Ma] Counties
  • K-157 Wabaunsee County [Twps. Mi-Z]
  • K-158 Wallace and Washington [Barnes, Clifton, Greenleaf, Haddam, Hanover, Hollenburg, Linn, Mahaska, Morrowville & Palmer] Counties
  • K-159 Washington County [Twps. A-G]
  • K-160 Washington County [Twps. H-L]
  • K-161 Washington [Twps. M-Z] and Wichita Counties and Wilson County cities of Altoona, Fredonia & Neodesha
  • K-162 Wilson County [Twps. A-O]
  • K-163 Wilson [Twps. P-Z] and Woodson [Neosho Falls, Toronto, Yates Center & Twps. A-B] Counties
  • K-164 Woodson County [Twps. C-Z]
  • K-165 Wyandotte County cities of Argentine, Rosedale & Kansas City, ward 1 and part of ward 2
  • K-166 Kansas City, part of ward 2 and ward 3
  • K-167 Kansas City, wards 4-5
  • K-167 Wyandotte County [Kansas City, ward 6 & Twps. A-P]
  • K-169 Wyandotte County [Twps. S-Z]