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A Day in My Community - Other Materials

The organizers of A Day in My Community donated additional materials, including photographs, newspaper clippings, and videotapes, to the Kansas State Historical Society. Following is a listing of these other materials.

775.000.001 KAFCE Database indexes by County, Community, Last Name, and First Name, including lists of participating counties, the number of letters from each, and the number of pages.
775.000.002 Kansas Association for Family and Community Education. Sponsor of the project. Invitation to participate forms.
775.000.003 Idea behind the project: "On Doing Local History" by Carol Kammen of Ithaca, New York; author, historian, professor
775.000.004 KAFCE Day in My Community Committee: letters from Committee and spouses
  • Claflin, Martha, of Atchison (Atchison County)
  • Claflin, William - Spouse
  • Kroh, Dorothy, of Shawnee Mission/Merriam (Johnson County). KAFCE Committee Chair and member of Wyandotte County FCE
  • Kroh, Lee - Spouse
  • Wesco, Jason, of Perry (Jefferson County). Consultant and facilitator for Day in My Community Committee
  • Wesco, Jennifer - Spouse
  • Winter, Charlene, of Lecompton (Douglas County), for Douglas County FCE
  • Winter, A. K. - Spouse
775.000.005 Bill Graves, Governor of Kansas, signs "Day in My Community" proclamation
775.000.006 Participation of Government Officials on Invitation from KAFCE Committee
  • George W. Bush, President of the United States. Deputy Assistant responded "...due to new mail-screening procedures of all incoming White House mail...request arrived too late."
  • Todd Tiahrt, United States Representative, from Wichita (Sedgwick Co). October 11 for U. S. Representative from Kansas
  • R. J. Wilson, Kansas State Representative of Pittsburg (Crawford Co). October 11 activities of Kansas State Representative
775.000.007 Presentation of Letters for publicly-accessible files
  • Kansas State Historical Society, Kansas History Center, Topeka, KS, Kansas Day January 29, 2002
  • Kansas State University, University Archives-Hale Library, Manhattan, KS, February 22, 2002
775.000.008 KAFCE State Partners
  • Southwestern Bell-approval of a $3000 grant application from SBC Kansas Community Enrichment Program was catalyst for KAFCE to begin the project.
  • Procter & Gamble - Kansas City Plant
  • U. S. Postal Service, Mid-America District (Kansas City, MO) and Central Plains District (Omaha, NE)
  • Wyandotte West Publications
  • Kansas Press Association
  • Kansas Association of Broadcasters
  • School Districts throughout Kansas
  • Morris FCE of Wyandotte County, KS
  • American Association of University Women - KS
  • Business & Professional Women - KS
  • Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association
  • Mail Boxes ETC. of Mission, KS
  • Kinko's, Inc of Mission, KS
775.107.001 "Day in Community" forms distributed for participation. State and local forms submitted to KAFCE Committee
775.107.002 Newspaper articles, clippings
775.107.003 Videos, Tapes of broadcasts
775.107.004 Photographs
1 Kansas Association for Family and Community Education Day in My Community Committee. l-r: Charlene Winter, Dorothy Kroh, Chair, Jason Wesco, Martha Claflin. Planning project at Kansas History Center classroom.
2 Proclamation Signing by Governor Bill Graves (seated). Standing l-r: Martha Claflin, Dorothy Kroh, Charlene Winter, Jason Wesco. Office of the Governor, Topeka, KS
3 Morris FCE Members were the first to back the idea and see it through to completion. Morris FCE in the living room of Dorothy Kroh- 1999: Standing l-r: Beth Griggs, Joyce Miller, Bobbie Vavricek, Pat Stapleton, Dorothy Kroh. Seated 2nd row: Margaret Hanson, Susie Stump. Front row seated l-r: Retha Selanders, Nancy Mockler, Betty Rosenau, Bertha Gardner, Marge Robinson.
4 Morris FCE Members 2002 - standing l-r: Margaret Hanson, Barbara Frederick, Bobbie Vavricek (President), Rosamond Lyond, Margaret Robinsoon. Seated l-r: Retha Selanders, Nancy Mockler, Bertha Gardner. Pictured in the living room of Bertha Gardner, 2002.
5 Dimple Bolden Kansas City, KS Postoffice - Wyandotte Co Collection Center Post Office receives letters from across Kansas.
6 Post Office Collection Site in Kansas City, KS: Letters come in boxes.
7 Shawnee Mission Post Office State Final Collection Site. Shawnee Mission PO in Mission, KS.
8 Sorting of letters begins - l-r: Helen Steffey, Ro Jean Mustain. KCK West Branch - Public Library
9 NE Area Letter sorting by County, Community at home of Dorothy Kroh. Clockwise: Laverne Carbonneau (Ideal Homemakers), Norma Falwell (Ideal Homemakers), Dorothy Stolfus, Helen Steffey, Beverly Johnson (KAFCE Education Committee)
10 Preparation of Day in My Community Letters by County and Community in home of Dorothy & Lee Kroh. Shirley Holland, Marlene Elkins, Helen Steffey, Dorothy Vaughan, Alice Worthington, Wanetta Jones, Dora Stolfus, Dorothy Kroh. All are members of Wyandotte County FCE except Elkins, who is KAFCE Southeast Area Directory and member of Paola/Miami FCE.
11 Sorting continues by Northeast Area FCE members. l-r: Dorothy Kroh, Jim Cunningham (husband of NE Area Director 1992-1994), A. K. Winter (FCE Family Member & husband of KAFCE Committee Member), Charlene Winter (KAFCE Day in My Community Committee), Edna Piper (Johnson County FCE), Norma Jean Gould, Beverly Cunningham (KAFCE NE Area Director 1992 - 1994)
12 Dorothy Kroh at Database Preparation Center using Dell Computer, Excel Program
13 Kroh Sewing-Guest Room doubles of KAFCE State Collection Site for Letters. October 11, 2001 to October 25, 2004, Merriam, KS.
14 Presentation A Day in My Community Letters, at Kansas Day January 29, 2002, to Ramon Powers, Executive Director of Kansas State Historical Society. Opening
15 Ron Thornburg, Kansas Secretary of State. Greetings
16 Martha Claflin, Kansas Association for Family & Community Education. Presentation of Letters
17 Dorothy Kroh, KAFCE Committee Chair
18 Terry Diebolt, External Affairs Director for SBC Southwestern Bell, which provided a $3,000 Kansas Community Enrichment Grant for project
19 Nancy Sherbert, KSHS Director of Acquisitions, reading letters
20 Geneva Price, Performing Artist, closing - Sings "We are One - Family, Community"
21 KAFCE Presentation of Letters Volunteers- KSHS Library: Kansas Day, January 29, 2002. Pictured left to right: Row 1 - Nancy Sherbert, KSHS Director of Acquisitions - Library & Archives, Ron Thornburg, Kansas Secretary of State, Ramon Powers, Executive Director of Kansas State Historical Society, Martha Claflin, KAFCE Educational Program Committee and member of Day in My Community Committee, Dorothy Kroh, Day in My Community Committee Chair. Row 2 - Dora Stolfus, Wyandotte County FCE Council, Phillip and hidden Susan Kroh, Rosehill Elementary School, Johnson County, Collette Peel, Shawnee County FCE, Mabel and Ed Shutt, Kansas City Area Historic Trails Assn, unidentified man from KSHS Library Staff, Rhea Seba and Donna Dittemore, Atchison County FCE, Rochelle Henderson, Topeka Post Office, Betty Littleton, KCMo and Geneva Price, Performing Artist, Kansas City, MO. Standing - Roger Kroh, Johnson County & son of Dorothy Kroh, Bobbie Athon, KSHS Public Affairs, Unidentified - 2 men, KSHS Archives.
22 Kansas State University Presentation of Letters. Pictured l-r - Martha Claflin, KAFCE Educational Program Committee and member of Day in My Community Committee, Dr. Brice H. Hobrock, Dean of Libraries, Kansas State University, KSU Archives Staff Member. CenterL Dorothy Kroh, Day in My Communittee Committee Chair
23 Kansas State University Presentation of Letters. Pictured FCE Members and KSU Library Staff. KSU University Archives - Hale Library, February 22, 2002
24 Post Office representative from Atchison, Kansas greets Dorothy Kroh and Martha Claflin at KSHS Presentation.
25 Geneva Price, Performing Artist, Nancy Sherbert, Dorothy Kroh, Dorothy Vaughan, Dora Stolfus
26 Lee & Dorothy Kroh at KSHS Presentation of Letters
27 Lee and Dorothy Kroh with grandchildren Phillip Joseph Swinehart Kroh and Susan Ann Hart Kroh
28 Dorothy Kroh, Dorothy Vaughan, Ron Thornburg, Margaret Fuston, Ramon Powers, Martha Claflin, Terry Diebolt, Dora Stolfus.
29 Mae Brown, Colette Peel, Lee Kroh, Patricia Michaelis (Director, KSHS Library & Archives), Nancy Sherbert (KSHS liason to KAFCE project), and two unidentified Shawnee County FCE members.
30 Dora Stolfus, Dorothy Vaughan, Lee and Dorothy Kroh
31 Lee & Dorothy Kroh Continue Sorting Letters
32 Bobbie Vavricek, Morris FCE President and Lee Kroh sort letters at the Kansas History Center
33 Dora Stolfus and Dorothy Vaughan, Wyandotte County Council, see project through. Kansas History Center
34 Dorothy Kroh presents Database to Mary Allman, KSHS Executive Director, at Kansas History Center
35 Teresa Coble, KSHS Library & Archives, Reference Library Retrieval Room, at Kansas History Center
36 Northeast Area FCE Members watch Governor Bill Graves sign proclamation for Kansas Association for Family and Community Education Week October, 2001. Standing l-r behind seated Honorable Bill Graves, Governor of Kansas: Dorothy Kroh (KAFCE Northeast Area Director, member Wyandotte County FCE), Martha Claflin (Atchison County FCE), Barb Sanner (Riley County FCE), Tina Bailey (Jackson County FCE), Rosemary Fullmer (Wabaunsee County), Lela Mae Knipp (Pottawatomie County), Charlene Winter (Douglas County FCE)
37 Kansas FCE Conference September 2001. Day in Community Marketing Display
38 KAFCE Display Poster at NAFCE. Received National Second Place - Leadership, at National FCE Conference, July 2002 St. Louis, MO
39 KAFCE Display - National Association for Family and Community Education Conference. Members with NAFCE 2nd Place Display. L-F: Beverly Cunningham, NE Area Director 2002 - 2004; Peggy Martens, Vice President; Judy Fullmer, President; Martha Claflin, Educational Committee; Dorothy Kroh, Day in My Community Committee Chair
40 Kansas Members attend National FCE Conference. Several attendees not in picture. National FCE Conference, July 2002 St. Louis, MO
41 Day in My Community Committee Display - KAFCE Conference. Wyandotte County FCE display-2nd Place Award Service
42 Wyandotte County Presentation of Day in My Community Letters: Dr. Thomas Burke, President of host Kansas City Kansas Community College, welcomes group. May 13, 2002 in Kansas City, KS
43 Michael Biegger, Procter & Gamble Manufacturing - Kansas City Plant-Community Relations extends greetings at Wyandotte Co Presentation. Served as P&G-KC Plant State Partner Representative
44 Georgia Slaughter, Director of Kansas Room, KCK Public Library, accepts Letters from Dora Stolfus, Wyandotte County FCE Council Pres.
45 Carolyn Walden, President of Wyandotte County Historical Society accepts Letters of Wyandotte Countians to be housed in Wyandotte County Museum.
46 Murrel Bland, member of Kansas Press Association and editor of Wyandotte West, explains worth of program. Bland served as State Partner with FCE.
47 Lisa Farmer, K-State Research & Extension-Wyandotte County Family & Consumer Service reads letters from Day in My Community State File.
48 Ed Shutt, Instructor Local History Class, Kansas City Kansas Community College, thanks Kansas and Wyandotte County FCEs for carrying out the project.
49 Shawnee County FCE Members continue to assist with converting letters stored by county only to Kansas Counties and communities.
50 Alice Worthington, Wyandotte County FCE Council Marketing-Membership Committee, shows poster prepared for local and state publicity of the project.
51 Chiquita Miller, K-State Research & Extension - Family & Consumer Science views Kansas FCE Week display at Wyandotte Co Courthouse Annex
52 Johnson County FCE Presentation of Johnson County Letters to Johnson County Library to be housed for public access. Eleanor Picket, Johnson County FCE Council President, presents Letters Collection to Mona Carmack, County Librarian, Johnson Co Library. Standing in background l-r: Stuart Hinds, Local History Librarian, Johnson County Library, Steve W. Rogers, Director of Archives & Records Management, Johnson County Archives and Carolyn Anderson, Associate Director, Johnson County Library.
53 Presentation Ceremony pictured l-r: Dorothy Kroh, KAFCE Northeast Area Director, Stuart Hinds, Local History Librarian, Johnson County Library, Mona Carmack, Johnson County Librarian, and Carolyn Anderson, Associate Director, Johnson County Library.
54 Dorothy Kroh, KAFCE Committee Chair gives appreciation to A Day in My Community Wyandotte County and Kansas "Partners" in Wyandotte County Presentation of Letters