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A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call HomeAlthough easily suitable for lower or higher grade levels, this anthropological curriculum was designed primarily for Middle School classes. Composed of four units, each unit of was created as a companion study guide to a poster promoting Kansas Archeology Week. A Place to Call Home introduces cultural building traditions within an environmental context. Concepts and activities are presented by featuring different styles of Kansas farmhouses -- the grass houses of the Great Bend aspect and Wichita, the earthlodges of the Central Plains tradition and Pawnee, and the American farmhouses of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The chapters are arranged as five-day teaching units with student worksheets; glossary and resources sections follow. Materials are designed to strengthen the connections between prehistoric and historic cultures and modern Kansas life, emphasizing stewardship of cultural resources and respect for diversity.


Kansas Archeology Week, 1995

Kansas Archeology Week, 1994









Kansas Archeology Week, 1996Kansas Archeology Week, 1997









Units are available in PDF format:

Unit One Grass House

Unit Two Earthlodge

Unit Three Martin Farmstead

Unit Four Prairie Farmhouses


A Place to Call Home: Ramona J. Willits, Archeology Popular Report No. 3. Archeology Office, Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka.