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Cedar Crest is the official residence of the Kansas governor. Located west of Topeka on 6th Avenue, it is located on 244-acres. Operated by the Friends of Cedar Crest, it has served as the governor's residence since 1962. Follow these links for more information about the site, its history, and those who have lived here.

Who we are - learn more about the Friends of Cedar Crest

Mission - find the mission of the Friends of Cedar Crest

History - discover the history of the governor's residence and the former governor's mansion

Governors - meet the governors who lived here

First spouses - meet spouses of the governors who lived here

Architects - learn more about the Kansas City architectural firm of Wight & Wight, which built the house

Frank Pitts MacLennan - read about the MacLennan family that originally lived at Cedar Crest

Cedar Tree Quilt - made by First Lady Arlene Anderson

Safe - Governor's Robinson's safe used at Cedar Crest