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Want to know more about Kansas Archeology? Here you will find a list of programs and resources offered through the Kansas Historical Society.



Kansas Archeology Training Program - this annual field school, held around the state in partnership with the Kansas Anthropological Association, offers experiences for professionals, avocational archeologist, students, and families.

Artifact identification - to assist in the identification of archeological artifacts for the public

Site protection

Antiquities Act - to conserve significant archeological remains on state, county, and municipal lands.

Contract archeology - review process to evaluate the potential impact of highway projects on cultural resources.

Section 106 consultation - review process to protect cultural resources related to federally funded or permitted projects.

Unmarked Burial Sites - protecting unmarked burials in Kansas and the human remains and associated objects that come from them.

Record an Archeological Site - help preserve archeological sites by recording their locations.

Access Site Recordsencompassing location and contents of more than 14,000 archeological sites in the state for professional researchers.


Timeline - find a basic description of the scientific study of cultures and people of the past in Kansas along with an archeology timeline.

Collections - our archeology collections encompass prehistoric and historic specimens,  among the largest and most comprehensive from the Kansas region, documenting more than 10,000 years of human occupation in the central plains.

State Archeologist - learn about the role of the State Archeologist in Kansas.

Archeological Opportunities - learn about how to get involved in archeology in Kansas.