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Architectural drawings

Map in archives storage drawerDrawings include businesses, private homes, historic buildings, and architects' copies of plans of buildings constructed by the State of Kansas (the State's copies of plans of State buildings are in the State Archives holdings or with Division of Architectural Services, Kansas Department of Administration).

Many of the architectural drawings in the collection are of bridges and similar structures built by the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Company of Leavenworth. Related records of the company are in the manuscripts' collection. Drawings and related records of the Manhattan firm of Wolfenbarger and McCulley and the Topeka practice of Carl Ossmann & Associates are also available, as are smaller quantities of drawings from several other firms.

The house history checklist describes some of the main sources available for researching the history of historic buildings.


Primary access is through various worksheets and other finding aids available in the research room. Reference staff members can answer specific questions about the holdings.