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As Published - February 1938

February 1938 (Vol. 7, No. 1), pages 106 to 109
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

A history of the Enterprise postoffice, established in 1873, was briefly outlined in the Enterprise Journal, March 12, 1936. Two historical sketches of the Dickinson Community High School, of Chapman, as written by Mrs. Vivian Aten Long and by Iris McDonald, were printed in the Chapman Advertiser, April 2, and June 4, 1936. The school is "the first county high school in the United States." A resume of Chapman's early history by Katherine Meyer appeared in the July 2 issue.

A history of the Bank of Herington, organized in 1886, was recorded in the Herington Times-Sun, November 12, 1936.

Sedgwick school history was sketched in the Sedgwick Pantagraph, January 14, 1937.

La Crosse's Review Club celebrated the fortieth anniversary of its organization, December 31, 1936. The club's history was reviewed in the La Crosse Chieftain, January 14, 1937. La Crosse in 1886 was described by Harry S. Fish, writing in the February 18 issue.

The reminiscences of Joe W. Hutt, Sr., early-day western Kansas buffalo hunter, were recorded in the Cawker City Ledger in a letter published in the issue of January 21, 1937.

Vermillion history was reviewed by Dr. C. W. Robinson in an article entitled "Local Color in Pioneer Days," appearing in the Vermillion Times, January 21, 28, and February 4, 1937.

Charter members of the Waldo Methodist Church were named in the Waldo Advocate, January 25, 1937. The charter was issued on October 11, 1887.

The history of Askren School District No. 2 and community, of Woodson county, was recounted by Lester Harding in The Woodson County Post, of Yates Center, in issues from January 28 to May 6, 1937.

Mr. and Mrs. George Yoxall's reminiscences of the Medicine Creek settlement, Rooks county, were recorded by W. F. Hughes in his "Facts and Comments" column in the Rooks County Record, of Stockton, January 28, 1937. Notes of the county's early history made up the columns for the issues of November 11 and 18.



A history of School District No. 31, Osborne county, was sketched by Lee De Moss in the Osborne County Farmer, of Osborne, February 4, 1937. The first school in the district began on June 16, 1873, with a three-month summer term.

Buffalo history was briefly reviewed by Ida Wallace, who settled there in 1869, in the Buffalo Blade, February 5, 1937.

A history of early Grand Center was outlined by H. P. Tripp in his column, "Memories of Early Days," in the Waldo Advocate, February 8 and September 13, 1937.

The early-day experiences of Mr. and Mrs. Sip Kuiken in the Downs vicinity were related by Mrs. Maude Ewing, writing in the Downs News, February 11, 1937. Biographical notes on couples in the Downs area who have celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries were written by Mrs. Ewing for the News of February 18 and 25.

Brief histories of the Smoky Hill Teachers' Association, organized in 1882, and the Golden Belt Educational Association, started in 1893, were printed in A. S. Peacock's "Dictagrams" column in the Western Kansas World, of Wakeeney, March 4, 1937.

The Russell Methodist Episcopal Church celebrated the sixty-fifth anniversary of its founding in March, 1937. A history of the church by Fred J. Smith was printed in the Russell Record and The Russell County News in their issues of March 11. Additional historical notes were contributed by E. W. Voorhis to the Record of April 22.

"Ravanna as It Was in Its Prime," was the title of an illustrated article appearing in The Jacksonian, of Cimarron, March 18, 1937.

La Crosse newspaper history was reviewed in articles appearing in the La Crosse Chieftain, April 15 and 22, 1937.

"Bison's Destructive Tornado Just Twenty-Five Years Ago," was the title of an illustrated article in the La Crosse Republican, April 22, 1937.

The Zion Lutheran Church of Linn observed the fiftieth anniversary of its founding at services held May 2, 1937. Notes on the organization's history were printed in the Linn-Palmer Record, April 30 and May 7.

Durham history as recounted in an article in the Durham Dope was republished in the Marion Record, May 27, 1937. The town was originally known as Moore's ranch.

Sketches of early Wallace county history were contributed by George M. DeTilla to The Western Times, of Sharon Springs, in a letter printed May 27, 1937.


Dell Dreher reviewed the history of School District No. 11, Luray, in the Luray Herald, May 27, 1937. The first school building, constructed in 1875 of native stone, still stands.

Illustrated biographical sketches of prominent residents of Solomon and vicinity were contributed by Margaret Wolfe to The Solomon Valley Tribune in issues dated from June to September, 1937. Other historical articles worthy of mention include: "History of School District 34 From Time of Its Organization," by Elizabeth Grimm Buchenau, appearing July 8, and "How Solomon School Was Started," printed August 26. Celebrating the forty-first anniversary of the founding of the Tribune, a twenty-eight page edition was issued on December 9, featuring "Harriet Woolley's History of Solomon," and considerable other historical matter relating to Solomon and its citizens.

Early Monument (Ennis City) history was reviewed in the Colby Free Press-Tribune, June 9, 1937. A tower, started in the 1880's as a memorial to Gen. John A. Logan, was never finished.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, of Valley Falls, celebrated the eightieth anniversary of its founding June 20, 1937. Its history was sketched in the Valley Falls Vindicator, June 9 and 16. The Rev. J. B. McAfee organized the congregation.

Early Blue Stem district and Lucas in 1887 were recalled by Viola Hack Watson in a letter in the Lucas Independent, June 10, 1937.

Linn county's early newspapers were discussed by Mrs. Eva Babb in the Pleasanton Observer-Enterprise, June 10, 1937. The Linn County Herald, founded on April 1, 1859, and published at Mound City by Jonathan Lyman, was the first paper in the county.

Early days in Bull City (now Alton) were reviewed by Frank Perry Austin, of Denver, Colo., in a letter printed in the Osborne Empire-Journal, June 10, 1937. The reminiscences of Mrs. S. A. Norris, who settled in Osborne county in 1879, were recorded in the Empire-Journal, July 1.

Brief biographical sketches of Smith county residents of the Highland community were written by A. F. Walker in his "An Authentic History of the Highland Community" printed in the Smith County Pioneer, of Smith Center, June 24, 1937.

Notes on the history of the Ness City Methodist Church, which observed the fiftieth anniversary of the dedication of the church building with services held June 25, 26, and 27, 1937, were published in The Ness County News, July 1.


An excerpt from the diary of Arthur Williams, who crossed present Kansas in 1852, was printed in The Suburban News, of Merriam, July 1, 1937. Mr. Williams was one of the scouts who rode over the Santa Fe trail, the article reported.

Ness City in 1887 was described by W. E. Ruff in a column article in The Ness County News, Ness City, June 17, 1937.

Gopher (present Winona) and vicinity in 1884, as recalled by the late Bert Lowe, was recorded in an article in the Logan County News, of Winona, July 1, 1937.

Biographical sketches of Phillips county pioneers have appeared from time to time since July 1, 1937, in The Phillips County Review, of Phillipsburg.

A two-column history of the Bank of Palmer, organized on July 4, 1887, was printed in the Linn-Palmer Record, July 2, 1937.

The ceremonies twenty years ago attending the unveiling of a statue to Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson, for whom McPherson city and county were named, were described in a three-column article in the McPherson Daily Republican, July 5, 1937. The monument is in McPherson's Central Park.

A school history of southwestern Limestone township, Jewell county, was recounted by Mrs. T. C. Bossen, of Salina, in a letter to The Western Advocate, Mankato, printed in the issue of July 8, 1937.

Introduction of the combined harvester and thresher to central Kansas was discussed in articles in the Larned Chronoscope, July 8, 1937, and the Great Bend Tribune, July 26. The first to operate within the two counties was started near Great Bend July 4, 1901.

A history of the Gove County Republican-Gazette, of Gove City, was briefly sketched by A. K. Trimmer, editor since its start in 1889 at Quinter, in the Republican-Gazette of July 15, 1937.

The history of Triumph school, Greenwood county, 1872-1937, was recounted in the Toronto Republican, July 15, 1937.

Utica's pioneers registering at the city's golden jubilee celebration, held July 19-21, 1937, were listed, with the dates of their arrival, in the Utica Star-Courier, July 22.

H. P. Tripp reviewed the history of School District No. 67 (Grand Center school), of Osborne county, in the Osborne County Farmer, Osborne, July 29, 1937. The district was organized in the spring of 1878.