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As Published - February 1939

February 1939 (Vol. 8, No. 1), pages 108 to 109
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

Selden's golden jubilee was celebrated June 6 and 7, 1938. The Selden Advocate from March 31 to September 15, 1938, published reminiscences of several northwest Kansas pioneers. Mrs. Orpha Comstock, Mrs. Charles Motz, Mrs. Joe Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Anthony were contributors.

The golden jubilee of the founding of Liberal was celebrated April 21-23, 1938. Highlights in the city's history were printed in a thirty-two page "Golden Jubilee Edition" of The Southwest Daily Times issued April 17. The first pages of sections B, C and D pictured the fifty years of progress and the civic growth and development of Liberal. Included among the pictures of the city were: "When Liberal Was Nearly `Old Enough to Vote,'" "When Young," and the "Little Red School House." Among the historical articles were the following: "High Praise For Western Kans. Settlers Who Came and Stayed"; "Pioneer Youth Had Its Fun, Too"; "Newspaper Has Played an Important Role in Liberal's Development"; "Alice Ward Is First Trained Liberal Nurse"; "First Liberal Street Lights Used Coal Oil"; "Liberal Woman's Club Starts in January, 1902, as an Aid to Town's Cultural Growth"; "[Mrs. R. L. Ingham] Recalls Joys and Hardships of Early Days"; "An Involuntary Fast," by Mary Joy Jones; "An Optima Lady Sends Program of 'Institute'"; "First Hospital Here Was 5-Room Bldg."; "Lady Who Came Here in 1900 Relates Vivid Memories of Town Then"; "Hard Times in Early Days of Seward County"; "Liberal Got Its Name From the Generosity of Rancher Who Owned First Well Here"; "Interesting Incidents Are Reprinted From Early Days of Liberal-From the News"; "Biscuits and Barbs," by Mrs. S. A. Bayersfield; "[The Southwest Daily Times Is] 52 Years Old This Week!"; "Local Smoke-Eaters Are Volunteers But Are None the Less Serious and Efficient"; "Young Dawson's Outlaw Gang," by S. A. Bayersfield; "Seward County Had Its County Seat Fights in Southwest's Early Day"; "City Library Serves Entire S. W. District," and "April 13, 1888, Plat of Liberal Is Opened For $180,000 Sale of Lots."

Manhattan's Morning Chronicle and Mercury issued their fortyeight page "Kansas State College 75th Anniversary Edition" July 10, 1938. Included among articles of historical import were: "K. S. C. Has Three Objects," "College's Education To Be Liberalized," "K. S. C. Has Contributed Much in Science Field," "Alma Mater



Rather New," "K. S. C. Customs Have Changed With Time," "Dr. J. T. Willard Symbolizes Greatness of College," "Early Pioneers Realized Need of Higher Education," "They Have Served on Kansas State College Faculty For Twenty-five Years," "Justin Smith Morrill a Great Benefactor," "Enrollment at College From 1863 to 1938," "Dr. [J. D.] Walters K. S. Veteran," "Presidents Have Done Much to Advance College," "A. A. Stewart Served on Kansas State Faculty in 1874," "Greek Societies Are Comparatively New," "Riley County Towns Grew Up With the College," "Small Land Office Served as the First Community School," "[Maj. E. A.] Ogden Famous as Commander," "Old Kansas History Tells of Early Day Newspapers," "Early Day School Boards Confronted With Many Problems," "Tracing the History of Some of the First Churches Started in the City," "The First Townsite for Manhattan Was Laid Out in 1854," "Ogden Was the First County Seat of Riley County," and "A History of Sunset Cemetery." Other sections of the edition were devoted to articles on city and county history and college athletics.

The seventieth anniversary of the founding of Scandia by the Scandinavian Agricultural Society was observed July 28-30, 1938. Included among the historical articles published in a special edition of the Scandia Journal, July 21, were: "Colonists Move to New Land at the Beginning of New Era," "Crossing the River Was a Big Problem in Early Days," "Life of the Early Pioneers Was Real and Very Exciting," "Scandia's Commercial Life Established by a Saw Mill," "Settlers Suffer Sad Experiences," "Easter Blizzard [1873] Was Worst Storm," "Many Storms Are Still Remembered," and "Grasshoppers Shadowed the Sun as They Came in 1874." School and church histories were reviewed in other stories.

Bethel College celebrated its golden anniversary on October 12, 1938. Many persons gathered to pay tribute to the Mennonite pioneers and to witness the laying of the cornerstone of Memorial hall. Historical articles and detailed accounts of the celebration were printed in contemporaneous Newton newspapers.

A history of Ransom's Methodist Episcopal Church, by the Rev. Lester R. Fish, was published in The Ness County News, Ness City, December 8, 1938. The church during the week of November 2126, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its establishment in Ransom.

Ozawkie history was reviewed in detail in an historical edition of The Coyote, published by the Ozawkie Rural High School, February 1, 1939.