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As Published - February 1945

February 1945 (Vol. 13, No. 5), pages 318 to 319.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

The following Kansas historical subjects have been featured by Victor Murdock in his column regularly appearing in the Wichita (Evening) Eagle: "Change That Has Come in Seventy-Five Years in Chisholm Creek Here," April 8, 1944; "Evidence in Wichita Seventy-Five Years Ago It Was Then on Its Way," April 10; "Importance of the Events in the First Half of the Year 1870 in Imparting Vigor To the Growth of Wichita," April 11; "Speeding Up of Wichita the Last Six Months of Its Initial Year [1870]," April 12; "Frontier Belief Here About Mountain Snow and Spring River Rise . . . Not Been Born Out Through the Years . . . ," May 2; "Early Military Figure [Lindsay Lunsford Lomax] Was Probably Visitor To the Site of Wichita," May 5; "Memory of T. E. Beck of Jefferson [Okla.] of the Flash Flood That Swept Down on the Home-Seeking Campers at Medicine Lodge in April, 1885," May 6; "Early Popularity Here of the Teas of Orient--Black, Oolong and Green," May 8; "Part That Coffee Had in the Pioneer Life in West's Development," May 9; "Decrease in Local Use of Some of the Words That Came From Spain," May 13; "Stamina of Lamp Shade as Interior Decoration Seen in Wichita's Life," May 15; "Countries Which Have Added To the Home Furnishings Here in the Course of Seventy-Four Years Cover the Entire Globe," May 16; "Railroad Signal Codes That Youth of Wichita Mastered With Ease," May 19; "Close Study Given by Boys of Wichita in the Early Days To the Duties of Conductors, Brakemen, Engineers, Firemen, Baggage Masters," May 20; "Change in the Attitude of the Public To the Offering of Ballads as Evidenced in the Experience of Wichita," May 23; "Tracing War Influence on Public Preferences in Choice of Breads," May 24; "Experience of Wichita With the Street Piano in Its Early History," May 25; "Part the Potato Played in Helping Supply Food For Prairie Pioneers," May 26; "Custom of Schoolboys in Abbreviating Names For Their Playmates," May 30, and "Synthesis of Quinine Brings Up Connection of Drug and Early Days," May 31.

Featured in the "Clark County Historical Society Notes" in The Clark County Clipper, of Ashland, in recent months were: "A Sketch on the Life of Captain Richard Grimes," June 8, 15, 22, 29, 1944; "St. Jacob's Well," by Ella Wallingford Mendenhall, July 13; "The Ancestors of Nathan J. Walden and Wife, Mary Jane Rous



Walden," compiled by Effa M. Danner, July 20, August 3; poems of southwest Kansas, by Anna Ingram McCasland, and "Joseph Ellsworth Winter," July 27.

John M. Knipp's reminiscences of early Marysville were recorded in a two and one-half column article in the Marshall County News, Marysville, July 20, 1944. Mr. Knipp, now a resident of St. Louis, Mo., first saw Marysville in 1878.

Among the historical feature articles relating to Kansas printed in the Labor day edition of the Kansas Labor Weekly of Topeka, August 31, 1944, were "Throop Hotel a Monument To Its Builder," "Some Interesting Typographical History From the Scrapbook," "Bookbinders Union Fifty-Two Years Old," "Woman's Suffrage Amendment Ratified 25 Years Ago," "60 Years Ago Arthur Capper Came To Topeka Looking For a Job," "Many Publications Have Been Edited by Topeka Printers," "Kansas State Council of Carpenters," "Topeka Has Had a Carpenters Union For 58 Years," and "Selling Kansas To Kansans and To the Nation Aim of KIDC."

The Farmers' Alliance Subtreasury plan and European precedents were discussed by Dr. James C. Malin in an article in The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, of September, 1944.

Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, heretofore issued annually, has been changed to a quarterly publication. Articles of general Kansas interest featured in the initial number (Vol. 47, No. 1-September, 1944) include: "The Crop Industries of Kansas," by L. E. Call; "A Checklist of Kansas Mammals, 1943," by Claude W. Hibbard, and "A Suggested Classification of Great Plains Dust Storms," by B. Ashton Keith. The new magazine is edited by Dr. Robert Taft and is published by the World Company at Lawrence.

An interview with M. Slater, of Axtell, who operates the only harness shop in Marshall county, was printed in the Marshall County News, of Marysville, September 7, 1944. Mr. Slater has been at the trade for 57 years and has been in Axtell since 1905.

The story of Company A, Third Kansas infantry, was told by Dean Trickett, ex-first sergeant, in the Coffeyville Daily Journal, September 22, 1944.