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Corps of Discovery - Trunk Manual

Researching American Indian life for lesson 4This trunk was created to serve a variety of school-age audiences from lower elementary through middle school. The trunk’s manual contains seven lesson plans that focus on the Kansas phase of the expedition. For a broad overview of the expedition, a number of commercially produced items have been included. These items, such as the games, a calendar, books, and a music CD, do not have lesson plans. They are resources for you to use as you see fit.

Lessons 2 – 7 are the only lessons aligned with the Kansas curriculum standards. Lesson plan cover sheets for each of these six lessons identify the specific Kansas standard(s) addressed, the knowledge and skills taught, the assessment used, the focus questions addressed, and a lesson outline.  Each lesson is designed to stand-alone. For example, it is not necessary to complete lesson 3 before doing lesson 4.

Manual Introduction

Lesson 1: Kansas Kaleidoscope Special Issue 2003

Lesson 2: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark

Lesson 3: Explorers in Kansas

Lesson 4: Lewis & Clark Among the Indians

Lesson 5: The First Independence Day in Kansas

Lesson 6: "Great Numbers of Buffalow"

Lesson 7: Collecting with Lewis and Clark


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