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Corps of Discovery Traveling Trunk

This trunk contains:

Corps of Discovery Resource TrunkTeaching manual with worksheets

19 Photos


  • Adventure Game (board game)
  • Lewis and Clark Bingo


  • Seaman's Journal
  • Prairie Dog for the President
  • Prairie Dog's Burrow
  • Adventures in Cookery
  • Bicentennial Lower Missouri River

"Fiddle Tunes" (music CD)

Day-by-Day calendar of the Corps of Discovery journey

Lewis and Clark bingo cardsObjects and reproductions:

  • Tanned buffalo hide (sample)
  • Flesher (bone tool)
  • Moccasin
  • Sinew
  • Buffalo bladder
  • 15 star U.S. flag
  • Peace medal
  • Raccoon Grape Leaves

Felt panel and activities

  • Flag Etiquette
  • Cultural Contrast Matrix


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