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Museum and Education

The Kansas Historical Society provides classroom materials and opportunities for class visits that address social studies topics in Kansas history. Find information about curriculum materials for K-12 classrooms like our traveling resource trunks and award winning curriculum series, Read Kansas! Find information about tours and events at the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka, the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka, and our numerous historic sites across the state. Learn more about our newsletter for educators and professional development opportunities for teachers across the state.

Classroom materials

  • Read Kansas! - award-winning curriculum for primary through high school, with ready-to-use materials for students and educators
  • Traveling resource trunks - learn about Kansas by exploring artifacts, available online are materials allowing trunk lesson to be adapted for use without the physical objects
  • Virtual and video - explore Kansas's rich history with virtual tours, videos, and Nearpod lessons.
  • Lesson plans - find a variety of lesson plans for the classroom from the Kansas Historical Society
  • Enrichment activities - find information about standards-based activities students can do to explore Kansas history
  • Sources for Student Research - find a variety of online Kansas primary and secondary sources
  • Textbook - find more information about The Kansas Journey, a textbook for seventh grade, produced by the Historical Society and how to purchase them


Tours and Events




Professional support

History Time: A Newsletter for Kansas Educators

  • Subscribe to receive monthly electronic updates of lesson plans, videos, activities, and a wealth of other educational materials provided for Kansas teachers.
  • Explore past issues of History Time: A Newsletter for Kansas Educators

Kansas Historical Society Education on YouTube

The Kansas Historical Society's YouTube channel for educators offers educational resources, sing alongs, video tours, and more.  Check back often for new additions.

Find us at Conferences, Inservices, and Events

Our education staff attend a variety of events.  Stop by, explore the resources we offer, introduce yourself, and let us know how we can help you..