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Edward N. Tihen Research Grants

Special Collections and University Archives, Wichita State University Libraries The Edward N. Tihen Historical Research Grants are presented annually to non-academic researchers to access the collections of the Kansas Historical Society. The grants are for $500. The deadline for the Tihen Research Grants Award is April 15. See a list of past recipients. The award(s) will be announced each spring for research to be conducted in the collections of the Historical Society during the following fiscal year (beginning July 1).

Funds for the grant are provided by the Tihen Endowment, established in 1995 by Dr. Tihen's family and friends in his memory and in appreciation of his role as an amateur historian.

Application procedure

Applicants should submit a completed copy of the completed grant application form to the Kansas Historical Foundation by April 15. (This form may be printed, filled in by hand and mailed, or completed as a writable PDF, saved, and attached to an email message.) Applicants are encouraged to discuss their projects in advance with Historical Society staff members having expertise in the proposed fields of inquiry. Those applicants who have not previously utilized the holdings of the Historical Society are urged to visit and explore the sources available before submitting an application.

Evaluation criteria

The purpose of the grants is to encourage amateur historians to undertake research and to publish their research, a step that Dr. Tihen never took despite his accumulation of vast resources based on primary research. The applicant must consult relevant research resources at the Historical Society, which may include the State Archives or the Kansas Museum of History collections. Research at other historical societies, archives, and libraries in Kansas will also be supported. Eligible costs include travel, lodging, and supplies. Grants may not be used for hiring research assistance.

A non-academic researcher is an individual not employed by a college or university. Historical Society staff members are ineligible.

The Kansas Historical Foundation reserves the right not to award any Tihen grants based either on the availability of funds or the quality of the applications.

For more information and to submit applications contact:

Kansas Historical Foundation
6425 SW 6th Avenue
Topeka KS 66615-1099
Fax 785-272-8682