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Enrollment Cards of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914

The enrollment or census cards prepared by the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes (Dawes Commission) between 1898 and 1914 are very useful in researching the family history of members of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole tribes. Microfilm copies of the enrollment cards are available at the Historical Society and through interlibrary loan.

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The Commission enrolled individuals as citizens of the tribes, and the cards record information provided by individual application submitted by members of the same family or household, along with notations of action taken by the Commission. Typically, they list name, roll number, age, sex, degree of Indian blood, and parents' names, and provide references to enrollment on earlier lists.

Within each tribe and enrollment category, cards are arranged numerically by "census card" number. Finding the card for an individual is a three-step process. First, use the Index to the Final Rolls on the first reel (MS 1973) to obtain the roll number for the individual. [The Index is also available in book form at the Historical Society and in many other libraries.] The index is divided into sections by tribe (Cherokee, Creek and Seminole together, and Choctaw and Chickasaw together) and within each tribe by enrollment category (citizens by blood, citizens by marriage, newborn citizens by blood, minor citizens by blood, freedmen, minor freedmen, and newborn freedmen). The index lists the tribal roll number for each individual.

Second, look under that roll number in the Final Rolls (on the same reel of film) to obtain the census card number for the individual. The Final Rolls and the enrollment or census cards are also arranged by tribe and then by enrollment category.

Third, use the listing below to find the reel of film containing that tribe, enrollment category, and census card number.

"D" cards were for persons whose applications were considered doubtful, and "R" cards were for rejected applications. No indexes have been located for these.

These enrollment cards were microfilmed from originals in the National Archives.

Roll # Tribe and Enrollment Category Census Card Numbers
MS 1973 Index to the Final Rolls and Final Rolls  
MS 1974 Cherokee by Blood 1-805
MS 1975 Cherokee by Blood 806-1645
MS 1976 Cherokee by Blood 1646-2461
MS 1977 Cherokee by Blood 2462-3293
MS 1978 Cherokee by Blood 3294-4027
MS 1979 Cherokee by Blood 4028-4847
MS 1980 Cherokee by Blood 4848-5661
MS 1981 Cherokee by Blood 5662-6303
MS 1982 Cherokee by Blood 6304-7140
MS 1983 Cherokee by Blood 7141-7961
MS 1984 Cherokee by Blood 7962-8794
MS 1985 Cherokee by Blood 8795-9634
MS 1986 Cherokee by Blood 9635-10461
MS 1987 Cherokee by Blood 10462-11132
MS 1988 Cherokee Minors by Blood 1-824
MS 1989 Cherokee Minors by Blood 825-1582
MS 1990 Cherokee Minors by Blood 1583-2331
MS 1991 Cherokee Minors 2332-3034
MS 1992 Cherokee Minors 3035-3684
MS 1993 Cherokee Minors 3685-4005
MS 1994 Delaware 1-382
    Delaware D1-D50
    Delaware R1-R5
    Cherokee by Marriage 1-188
MS 1995 Cherokee by Marriage 189-288
    Cherokee Freedmen 1-382
MS 1996 Cherokee Freedmen 383-814
MS 1997 Cherokee Freedmen 815-1231
MS 1998 Cherokee Freedmen 1232-1595
    Cherokee Freedmen Minors 1-93
MS 1999 Cherokee Freedmen Minors 94-542
    Cherokee D1-D287
MS 2000 Cherokee D288-D1062
MS 2001 Cherokee D1063-D1879
MS 2002 Cherokee D1880-D2711
MS 2003 Cherokee D2712-D3207
    Cherokee R1-R336
MS 2004 Cherokee R337-R1166
MS 2005 Cherokee Freedmen D1-D388
MS 2006 Cherokee Freedmen D389-D811
MS 2007 Cherokee Freedmen D812-D1225
MS 2008 Cherokee Freedmen D1226-D1342
    Cherokee Freedmen R1-R304
MS 2009 Cherokee Freedmen R305-R730
MS 2010 Cherokee Freedmen R731-R1276
MS 2011 Choctaw by Blood 1-858
MS 2012 Choctaw by Blood 859-1718
MS 2013 Choctaw by Blood 1719-2575
MS 2014 Choctaw by Blood 2576-3426
MS 2015 Choctaw by Blood 3427-4287
MS 2016 Choctaw by Blood 4288-5140
MS 2017 Choctaw by Blood 5141-5994
MS 2018 Choctaw by Blood 5995-6109
    Choctaw New Born by Blood 1-746
MS 2019 Choctaw New Born by Blood 747-1538
    Choctaw Minor by Blood 1-73
MS 2020 Choctaw Minor by Blood 74-914
MS 2021 Choctaw Minor by Blood 915-1325
    Choctaw Freedmen 1-225
MS 2022 Choctaw Freedmen 226-659
MS 2023 Choctaw Freedmen 660-1098
MS 2024 Choctaw Freedmen 1099-1540
MS 2025 Choctaw Freedmen 1541-1602
    Choctaw Minor Freedmen 1-521
    Choctaw D1-D238
MS 2026 Choctaw D239-D1009
    Choctaw R1-R105
MS 2027 Choctaw R106-R756
    Choctaw Freedmen D1-D111
MS 2028 Choctaw Freedmen D112-D234
    Choctaw Freedmen R1-R45
    Mississippi Choctaw by Blood 1-540
MS 2029 Mississippi Choctaw by Blood 541-918
    Mississippi Choctaw New Born and Minor by Blood 1-372
    Mississippi Choctaw Identified 1-11
    Mississippi Choctaw Field Cards 1-110
MS 2030 Mississippi Choctaw Field Cards 111-564
    Mississippi Choctaw D1-D74
    Mississippi Choctaw R1-R351
MS 2031 Mississippi Choctaw R352-R1215
MS 2032 Mississippi Choctaw R1216-R2107
MS 2033 Mississippi Choctaw R2108-R3016
MS 2034 Mississippi Choctaw R3017-R3911
MS 2035 Mississippi Choctaw R3912-R4811
MS 2036 Mississippi Choctaw R4812-R5713
MS 2037 Mississippi Choctaw R5714-R6622
MS 2038 Mississippi Choctaw R6623-R7446
MS 2039 Chickasaw by Blood 1-662
MS 2040 Chickasaw by Blood 663-1424
MS 2041 Chickasaw by Blood 1425-1850
    Chickasaw New Born by Blood 1-331
MS 2042 Chickasaw New Born by Blood 332-553
    Chickasaw Minor by Blood 1-469
    Chickasaw Freedmen 1-35
MS 2043 Chickasaw Freedmen 36-415
MS 2044 Chickasaw Freedmen 416-799
MS 2045 Chickasaw Freedmen 800-1178
MS 2046 Chickasaw Freedmen 1179-1522
    Chickasaw Freedmen Minor 1-84
MS 2047 Chickasaw Freedmen Minor 85-517
    Chickasaw Freedmen D1-D130
    Chickasaw Freedmen R1-R9
    Chickasaw R1-R57
MS 2048 Chickasaw R58-R111
    Chickasaw Cancelled 1-219
    Chickasaw D1-D455
MS 2049 Creek by Blood 1-662
MS 2050 Creek by Blood 663-1398
MS 2051 Creek by Blood 1399-2125
MS 2052 Creek by Blood 2126-2867
MS 2053 Creek by Blood 2868-3611
MS 2054 Creek by Blood 3612-4059
    Creek New Born by Blood 1-289
MS 2055 Creek New Born by Blood 290-1171
MS 2056 Creek Minor by Blood 1-688
MS 2057 Creek Freedmen 1-358
MS 2058 Creek Freedmen 359-740
MS 2059 Creek Freedmen 741-1061
MS 2060 Creek Freedmen 1062-1456
MS 2061 Creek Freedmen 1457-1833
MS 2062 Creek Freedmen 1834-1917
    Creek Freedmen New Born by Blood 1-468
MS 2063 Creek Freedmen New Born by Blood 469-748
    Creek Freedmen Minor by Blood 1-435
MS 2064 Seminole by Blood 1-607
    Seminole Freedmen 608-670
MS 2065 Seminole Freedmen 671-855
    Seminole New Born by Blood 1-181
    Seminole Freedmen 1-R5
    Seminole New Born Freedmen 1-91