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Forces of Nature - Introduction

Extreme weather is a part of life in Kansas.  

Although modern conveniences and forecasting methods buffer us from the day-to-day impact of nature, Kansans still experience violent weather. 

Forces of Nature considers tornadoes, droughts, prairie fires, and floods--we see them all here in Kansas.  Featured objects include the oldest known photograph of a tornado, and objects from the Dust Bowl, among others.

This online exhibit is divided into five sections with two interactive games. Click on the first link below to embark on your tour, or visit them in any order.

  1. Tornadoes - These storms are a Kansas icon
  2. Wind - Kansas is a windy state
  3. Earth - Sometimes our rich soil becomes airborne
  4. Water - Too much or too little is a problem
  5. Fire - Grasslands depend on fire

Interactive Games

Test your knowledge by playing our interactive games.

Forces of Nature is an online exhibit developed by the Kansas Museum of History.
Contact us at KSHS.KansasMuseum@ks.gov