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Game Faces - Part 6

Exhibit logoOur Friends

Some sports are more about getting together with friends than competing. Sports that can be played by everyone build camaraderie. They strengthen old friendships and make new ones.

People often spend their own money to buy uniforms when they play on amateur teams.

Bowling has long been a popular way to relax after a hard day at work.  The collections include a bowling shirt dating from around 1970.  It was worn during an annual bowling tournament between Kansas Jaycee clubs (Jaycees are members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, an organization that gives young people leadership training).

Armin Fassler's  golf clubs

"[Bowling] lets you mix with the crowd. You make a lot of friends."—Flossie Duffey, Osage City, 2006

Golf is a social sport. Although the game can be played individually, most often people choose to golf with others.

This golf bag and clubs (left) belonged to Armin Fassler.  He was the first president of the Topeka Country Club in 1905.  A typical businessman and civic leader, Fassler used the sport of gold to unwind from work as well as cultivate business relationships.




This concludes the Kansas Museum of History's online exhibit, Game Faces: Kansans in Sports.

  1. Introduction - There's no "I" in "Team"
  2. Our Town - Cheering on the home team
  3. Our Team - Fan is short for fanatic
  4. Our World - Sports make the world a little smaller
  5. Our Traditions - Some games reinforce our roots
  6. Our Friends - Socializing can be as important as competition

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